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Letters to the Editor: February 3, 2016

Time to correct the record

Housework can be a chore, but the benefits usually worth it

I vacuumed today. The whole house.

Op-ed: Supreme Court ruling could weaken revenues of public sector unions

As a product of two generations of union labor and a Democratic candidate for state representative in the 170th Legislative District, I am deeply concerned about the controversial Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case that has made its way to the Supreme Court and could deeply hurt many families in the Northeast and others like us across the county.

Letters to the Editor: January 27, 2016

Choose peace, not violence

Are you ready for some football food?

What do Eagles and pigs have in common? Neither can fly — at least not this year. But pig skin will fly in San Francisco on Feb. 7, as Super Bowl 50 (not Super Bowl “L”) celebrates its golden anniversary. Before that happens, however, there’s Groundhog Day on Feb. 2.

Safety of people in Philadelphia should be top priority

“Help me, Dad …”

Letters to the Editor: January 20, 2016

Freedom of speech is vital

Hats off to scones

We return, once again, to the sights and sounds of Downton Abbey, and this will be our final seasonal visit. With a year’s hiatus, Downton fans are now in the throes of all things magical that make up this wonderful series.  

Commissioner offers fire safety tips

The recent tragic heating fire in Philadelphia has left our community saddened and questioning… How could this happen here? We often hear of fires on television or in the newspaper, but we never imagine that one will hit so close to home.

Please with peas

“Pease porridge hot,