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Crack into these delicious egg recipes

It cracks me up that eggs have become so ubiquitous. And I don’t mean the Pokemon Go eggs sought by gamers near and far, although apparently those eggs are found everywhere, too.

Library reopening, come check it out

After being closed for a few weeks for air conditioning repairs, the Northeast Regional Library is once again open six days a week.

Bring a taste of shore home with clams

The Clam

Op-ed: Philadelphia’s sanctuary city policy is irresponsible and dangerous

As a former beat cop, state drug and federal mafia prosecutor and White House official with local, state, national and international experience, I understand the need for policies that encourage cooperation among the various levels of law enforcement.

Op-ed: Mental illness a disease that must be treated, understood

As the chairman of the state House Sub-Committee on Mental Health, I recently chaired a hearing that explored issues relating to mental illness. Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy testified and provided some excellent information to our committee.

Mayor: DNC is an exciting time for City of Philadelphia

Next week, the most exciting and historic event in our country’s recent memory will happen in Philadelphia, the Democratic National Convention.

Letters to the Editor: July 20, 2016

Laws won’t stop violence

How to incorporate fresh produce into your daily diet

This time of year, it’s always exciting to stroll down the colorful produce aisle and check out which delicious fruits and vegetables have just arrived from local farms. The bounty is endless. However, knowing what’s in season is just the first step, it’s also just as important to know how to select, store and cook what’s peak of season. Below, I’ve provided a few tips for some of the most popular summer produce items, as well as some unique and easy ways to include them in your diet.

Enjoy some festive flavors during the DNC

Are you blue? If you’re a Democrat, you’re blue. Come next week, Philly will turn blue and host the Democratic National Convention. Quite a few Democrats are truly blue for another reason. Many of Bernie Sanders’ followers are more than blue, as the Bern will not be on the menu – a la Smoked Sanders. (Could Bernie somehow rise from the ashes?) Bernie’s followers may resent inclusion in the Clinton medley as mere ingredients. They thought they would be the crunchy main course. Instead, they are relegated to a side dish, part of the Clinton Sellout Special, topped liberally with Clinton Super Delegates. Legions of Bernie’s followers had hoped he would dish out some Chilled Chopped Clinton. (Now that would have been revenge served cold.) One wonders how many voters will like the taste of the Sellout Special?

Op-ed: Heart and Lung Act should include paramedics and EMTs

Paramedics and EMTs work in the same hazardous conditions as the other public safety professionals who are covered under the Heart and Lung Act.” — Chuck McQuilkin