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Neilson accepts nomination for City Council run

When my family and I first decided that I would run for elective office, we hit the streets hard. I personally knocked on thousands of doors with my family and friends throughout my Northeast district and beyond. My message was simple: We needed to make certain that the 169th district continued to have a strong voice in Harrisburg, and I was the best candidate to serve you. The efforts paid off. I gained your support and won the election to serve in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. I will be forever grateful for your friendship and support.

Benefits of shale development are too great to sacrifice

Left-wing advocacy group recently launched a new effort to oppose innovations that are propelling states like Pennsylvania toward a new abundance of locally produced energy.

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Obama wrong in nomination

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Slumlords in Philadelphia

Taking a family trip down memory lane

I recently got into a discussion with our daughters about their memories. At this stage of my own life, I want to know what “took,” and I thought I did.

It is National Colon Cancer Awareness month

March is National Colon Cancer Awareness month.

Women’s History Month: Yes, it certainly matters

So here it is, National Women’s History Month. Did you know? Do you care?

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No justice for Shaible parents

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Peace be with you

Memories of The Flower Show are in full bloom

On their very first date, way back in 1931, my parents went to the Philadelphia Flower Show. My mother was a 20-year-old beauty. My father was a dashing young lawyer of 26.