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Chaput confirms Pope Francis visit to Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s archbishop today confirmed that Pope Francis will come to Philadelphia for two or three days during the World Family Conference in September 2015.

Upper Holmesburg’s Oktoberfest fundraiser a big success

Upper Holmesburg Civic Association President Stan Cywinski proclaimed the group’s Oct. 4 Oktoberfest an unequivocal success as both a celebration of the civic group’s 10th anniversary and a much-needed fundraiser.

Three million in grant funding headed to Northeast projects

Three million dollars in Pennsylvania grant funding will support four parks and recreation projects in the Northeast as well as an energy efficiency project at a local commercial warehouse, according to three state lawmakers from the Northeast.

Supreme Court denies request to audit campaign finances

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has denied a petition that requests an audit of legislative candidate Jason Dawkins’ campaign finances.

Questionable property uses a hot topic in Northwood

Abandoned properties and questionable property uses dominated discussions during the Oct. 21 meeting of the Northwood Civic Association’s members. 

Northeast Victim Service recognizes local merchant

It can take only a few seconds for someone to become the victim of a violent or invasive crime, but the trauma can endure for what seems like an eternity in the form of physical injuries, emotional distress and financial demands.

New Burlington store opens at Castor and Cottman avenues

About 75 people applauded and cheered when the new Burlington store at Castor and Cottman opened for business last Friday.

NE doctor receives prestigious award

A Northeast native who practices chiropractic and holistic healthcare in Bucks County has joined the ranks of child advocates including Dr. Theodore Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) and Dr. Benjamin Spock, as well as Nobel Prize winners Dr. Jonas Salk and Linus Pauling, as a recipient of the International Academy for Child Brain Development’s “Statuette with Pedestal” award for 2014.

Meet the candidates

Pennsylvania voters will go to the polls next Tuesday, and a change in the governor’s mansion is looking likely.