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‘Cold Mountain’ hits the stage this weekend

Opera Philadelphia’s current production, Cold Mountain, is a  highly anticipated event — and for good reason.

Great depths

As a seasoned actor, David Bardeen has dealt with many theatrical challenges — but none quite like the one in the Lantern Theater Company’s current production, Oscar Wilde: From the Depths.

The show must go on

Michael Toner is back to work after being struck by hit-and-run driver. The Mayfair native lost his leg, but that hasn’t stopped him from shining on stage. 

Good time? ‘Soitenly!’

The Stoogeum provides a trip down memory lane with three levels of Three Stooges memorabilia. If you’re a wise guy, chances are you’ll enjoy the experience.

Holme Circle boy stars in ‘A Christmas Story’

Grover Dill will almost certainly be getting coal in his stocking this Christmas.

Bridge to the past

High school kids must have had it pretty rough in the days before the Internet.

Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival opens this weekend

Film has a way of bringing people together.

The Rizzo story

Playwright Bruce Graham’s Rizzo aims to portray a more complete representation of the controversial figure.

Liquid transformation

The Arden Theatre’s current production, Metamorphoses, is making a big splash—literally.

Tradition of terror

Terror Behind the Walls celebrates 25 years of horrifying people at Eastern State Penitentiary.