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‘Super 8’ is a fun flick among a crop of so-so movies

Super 8 is an example of what a good summer popcorn flick should be like. Nostalgia. A little suspense. An adolescent romance. Loud, clanging metal and big, booming explosions.

The heart of the circle

Imagine a hundred drummers drumming.

City of historical love

American history can be fun? Sure, and what better city than Philly, the birthplace of the nation, to make sure tourists — and Philadelphians — get the most out of visiting historic sites.

‘Hangover 2’: A sobering reason why sequels don’t always work

The extremely popular Hangover franchise (I call it a franchise because I fully expect a Part III in a couple years) is back with another wedding and more drug-induced male debauchery.

An actor enjoys his varied stage career

It’s the story of a young professor who loses everything in the world but the flea who lives in his vest. And that turns out to be plenty.

For David Sanborn, it’s all about playing live

The legendary sax player has enjoyed a long and varied career. He'll be on the stage of the Keswick Theatre.

Music Row: Musical duo releases a strong debut album

Musicians Jon Barthmus and Patrick Marsceill are proving themselves a compatible twosome. They're riding a wave of popularity from their first album.

At the Movies: Depp getting a tad old in pirate costume

The latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel could be better. Good luck hunting for buried treasure.

It's a new concert season

Pennypack Park music fest finds a good formula by signing up bands that play the hits of musical greats.