Letters to the Editor: March 8, 2017

Park needs im­prove­ment

I am saddened by the con­di­tions that I ob­serve in our be­loved North­east treas­ure, Pennypack Park. Upon en­ter­ing the park from Rhawn Street, we drive or walk down the path­way that looks like a road in a third-world coun­try. 

Us­ing the main paved trail, you can see the toll that many years of neg­lect have taken. Downed trees are strewn every­where be­side the trail. I un­der­stand that many people like the nat­ur­al feel of the park in its nat­ur­al wooded state, but from my vant­age point, I see neg­lect every­where. 

I truly ap­plaud the work of The Friends of Pennypack Park. However — the real­ity is that they can only do so much. They do not have the equip­ment or the fin­ances to do what truly needs to be done to main­tain the park in its bril­liance.

Year after year, our elec­ted of­fi­cials al­low the Fair­mount Park budget to be cut. Can we de­mand that these pub­lic of­fi­cials who pander and battle each oth­er for our vote be held ac­count­able to the people of North­east Phil­adelphia? 

We have not had an ad­voc­ate who truly cared for the Pennypack and Fair­mount park sys­tems since former state Sen. Jim Lloyd passed away.  

Do our politi­cians ever drive in­to the park and ob­serve the con­di­tions? Why is North­east Phil­adelphia not re­ceiv­ing the fund­ing to be the gem that it once was?

Maybe all of the in­volved politicos can have a meet­ing to not only dis­cuss the situ­ation but more im­port­antly act on im­prov­ing con­di­tions of every as­pect of the park.

They al­ways want our vote. It is now time to make the politi­cians earn our vote.

Mi­chael Graves

Winchester Park

Too ex­pens­ive to shop here

Haven’t people got­ten tired of May­or Ken­ney’s pro­pa­ganda about the soda tax?

He says Pep­si Co is a bil­lion-dol­lar com­pany that should be able to ab­sorb the tax. But those num­bers are world-wide num­bers, not all from Phil­adelphia.  

He says it is only a quarter more for a 16-ounce bottle, but the tax makes a 2-liter bottle al­most double.

Dis­trib­ut­ors and su­per­mar­kets say they are go­ing to be lay­ing off em­ploy­ees. Ken­ney says that is only a charade due to the up­com­ing court cases. If you are laid off, it is real.

He claims people who have stopped buy­ing their gro­cer­ies and soda out­side the city will even­tu­ally stop.

But when you can save $2 for each ci­gar­ette pack, 2 per­cent on sales taxes and now the soda tax, is he sure?

May­er Krain

Mod­ena Park

Cemetery de­struc­tion

I am dis­turbed and deeply saddened by the vile acts of de­struc­tion at Mount Car­mel Cemetery, but heartened by the re­sponse of our com­munit­ies — people of all faiths and back­grounds com­ing to­geth­er to re­pair the dam­age, com­fort once an­oth­er and heal to­geth­er. 

I rep­res­en­ted North­east Phil­adelphia in Con­gress for a dec­ade — and the im­me­di­ate and heart­felt re­sponse of this com­munity is no sur­prise. 

As a Jew, I am touched by the kind­ness of all who have re­spon­ded and am re­as­sured by the will­ing­ness of so many people to stand up against this hate­ful act of anti-semit­ism. It makes clear that we, in Phil­adelphia will not tol­er­ate hate.  

Sadly, acts of hate against the Jew­ish com­munity have be­come more fre­quent re­cently across the coun­try. 

Jew­ish cemeter­ies de­sec­rated, bomb threats at dozens of Jew­ish schools and com­munity cen­ters, and more. 

This is not who we are as Amer­ic­ans. 

Now more than ever we must stand to­geth­er against hate, con­tin­ue the fight for equal­ity and tol­er­ance, and provide com­fort to our friends in times of dis­tress. 

Allyson Y. Schwartz

Former Con­gress­wo­man

Too much booze in PA

As of Janu­ary, Gov. Wolf signed a bill to al­low six-packs of beer to be sold freely throughout the state be­cause he be­lieves it im­proves cus­tom­er con­veni­ence. 

We already have a crisis of ex­cess­ive speeds on the Boulevard, along with drunk­en drivers, and now Wolf wants people to fill up with gas and beer — a one-stop driver con­veni­ence to pop open a can and drive. Bril­liant.

Fur­ther­more, Wolf’s le­gis­la­tion al­lows sport­ing ven­ues to sell mixed drinks. It’s bad enough when you have beer-drunk­en foot­ball fans throw a snow­ball at Santa dur­ing a game, now you have fans li­quored up on vodka and whis­key driv­ing on I-95.Do we have any com­pet­ent lead­ers?

Al Ulus


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