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The Shop­Rite in Mor­rell Plaza se­lec­ted two loc­al em­ploy­ees to be fea­tured on 150,000 Cheeri­os boxes.

  • Fighting hunger: ShopRite, 9910 Frankford Ave. in Morrell Plaza, last week unveiled a special-edition Cheerios box celebrating employees’ efforts in fighting hunger. Employees Justin Fluehr and Michelina Hellyer will be featured on 150,000 Cheerios boxes. MARIA YOUNG / TIMES PHOTO


  • Company spokeswoman Orien Reid speaks about her mother and how she was raised to help people in need. MARIA YOUNG / TIMES PHOTO

The Shop­Rite store at 9910 Frank­ford Ave. in Mor­rell Plaza last week wel­comed com­pany spokes­wo­man Ori­en Re­id, who un­veiled a spe­cial-edi­tion Cheeri­os box cel­eb­rat­ing em­ploy­ees’ ef­forts in fight­ing hun­ger.

The loc­al Shop­Rite se­lec­ted em­ploy­ees Justin Fluehr and Mich­elina Helly­er to be fea­tured on 150,000 Cheeri­os boxes.

Fluehr and Helly­er are among 81 Shop­Rite em­ploy­ees as­so­ci­ates who are be­ing re­cog­nized for help­ing raise $1.4 mil­lion as part of the an­nu­al Shop­Rite Part­ners In Caring Cheeri­os Con­test.

The theme was “Fight­ing hun­ger from the heart - to­geth­er we can make a dif­fer­ence.” Cashiers col­lec­ted dona­tions at check­out coun­ters.

The money will sup­port re­gion­al food banks in com­munit­ies served by Shop­Rite stores.

“The Shop­Rite as­so­ci­ates fea­tured on this year’s Cheeri­os box are pas­sion­ate about fight­ing hun­ger and help­ing people in need in the com­munit­ies where our Shop­Rite stores op­er­ate. And our as­so­ci­ates know that work­ing to­geth­er as a team to raise money and aware­ness is the most ef­fect­ive way to make a dif­fer­ence,” said Christine Mag­yar­its, spokes­wo­man for Shop­Rite Part­ners In Caring. “Since 1999, $43 mil­lion has been donated to loc­al food banks through the Shop­Rite Part­ners In Caring pro­gram. The Cheeri­os con­test is one of our fa­vor­ite an­nu­al events and high­lights our ‘part­ners’ in the fight against hun­ger, in­clud­ing our ded­ic­ated Shop­Rite as­so­ci­ates, our gen­er­ous cus­tom­ers and Gen­er­al Mills, a long­time vendor part­ner who shares our pas­sion for help­ing those in need of food as­sist­ance.” ••

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