Northeast robbery spree ends with two arrests

A two-per­son rob­bery spree in the North­east’s Up­per Holmes­burg and Holme Circle sec­tions last week ended when an alert po­lice of­ficer spot­ted the sus­pects’ car in the park­ing lot of a loc­al motel.

Of­ficer Daniel But­ler of North­east De­tect­ives used sur­veil­lance video from three March 8 hold-ups to identi­fy the rob­bers’ get­away car, a gray 2006 Honda Ac­cord. Be­liev­ing that the car had ori­gin­ated from out­side the city, But­ler began sur­vey­ing area mo­tels on March 9. That’s when he found the car sit­ting out­side the Hub Motel at Roosevelt Boulevard and Revere Street. A man and wo­man were in­side.

Po­lice ar­res­ted both vehicle oc­cu­pants in con­nec­tion with three rob­ber­ies of area busi­nesses. They were iden­ti­fied as Ray­mond Ditri, 38, of the 3100 block of Welsh Road, and Lauren Leth­erby, 28, of An­nville, Le­ban­on County. 

The crimes all happened with­in 35 minutes on March 8. At about 3:10 p.m., a man ap­proached a check-out clerk at Fam­ily Dol­lar, 8445 Frank­ford Ave., and asked if the busi­ness sold car­tons of ci­gar­ettes. When the em­ploy­ee said it did not, the sus­pect de­man­ded cash from the re­gister while mo­tion­ing like he had a gun tucked in his waist­band. The sus­pect fled empty-handed when the clerk was un­able to open the re­gister.

About 14 minutes later, the same sus­pect entered the Be­ne­fi­cial Sav­ings Bank at 2845 Holme Ave. and handed a de­mand note to a tell­er. The tell­er sur­rendered an un­dis­closed amount of cash to the sus­pect in a bag. In the park­ing lot out­side the bank, a red dye pack ex­ploded in­side the money bag as the rob­ber fled on foot.

At about 3:45 p.m., the same rob­ber showed up at Metro PCS store, 2425 Welsh Road, where he threatened to shoot a clerk and forced the clerk to give him cash from the re­gister. The rob­ber was last seen run­ning east­bound on Welsh Road. ••

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