Parkwood features farmers market each Saturday

Park­wood res­id­ent Ben Berg­man told res­id­ents about the farm­er’s mar­ket that will be open every Sat­urday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Third Re­formed Pres­by­teri­an Church, 3024 By­berry Road. 

Two farm­ers and a bakery were on hand for the first mar­ket of the sea­son on May 17, Berg­man said, but turnout was light.

Berg­man said he hopes more res­id­ents be­come aware and take ad­vant­age of the avail­ab­il­ity of very fresh pro­duce, es­pe­cially since it is now straw­berry sea­son.

The mar­ket won’t con­tin­ue if neigh­bors don’t come, he said.

“The farm­ers won’t come if the busi­ness isn’t there,” he said.

Be­sides pat­rons, said Alice Udovich, an aide to Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill, the mar­ket needs some city reg­u­la­tions to be ob­served.

Berg­man needs a zon­ing vari­ance or a spe­cial or­din­ance to be leg­al, she said.

O’Neill is will­ing to spon­sor an or­din­ance to al­low the farm­er’s mar­ket, she said, but Berg­man needs first to get the ap­prov­al of the church’s neigh­bors and from church mem­bers for that one day per week dur­ing the spring and sum­mer.

That’s all in the works, she said, as the farm­er’s mar­ket be­gins its op­er­a­tions this year. ••

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