Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2014

Not one more penny

The School Dis­trict of Phil­adelphia doesn’t de­serve to get one more penny from the tax­pay­ers of the city.  Every year they claim they need at least $200 mil­lion or apo­ca­lyptic events may oc­cur such as not be­ing able to open, hav­ing to in­crease class sizes and pos­sibly go­ing from hav­ing four vice prin­cipals at some middle schools to only three.

Each year they claim cata­strophe, and are then bailed out with mil­lions of dol­lars. They do noth­ing to cor­rect the prob­lems that get them in trouble in the first place.  

Why should they if they know they can prey on the sym­path­ies of the tax­pay­ers by us­ing the chil­dren as pawns? The dis­trict may in­sti­tute in­ter­im lay­offs and cut pay bo­nuses as well as some po­s­i­tions, but once they get their bail­out, people are brought back, wheth­er they’re really needed or not. The ori­gin­al pay and bo­nuses are re­stored and those laid off are re­hired. The dis­trict then goes back to do­ing what they’ve al­ways done, know­ing full well they can count on the bail­out for next time. 

I think we need to be clear on what the pur­pose of a school is. Schools should be in­sti­tu­tions of learn­ing only. And that’s a hard enough job in and of it­self. They are not there to raise people’s chil­dren, give them break­fast and din­ners and see to every emo­tion­al need.  That is the job of a par­ent.  

If a child has spe­cial emo­tion­al is­sues or be­ha­vi­or prob­lems, it is up to the par­ent to get the child the help they need so they can as­sim­il­ate in­to the classroom en­vir­on­ment with the oth­er stu­dents.  This should be done be­fore they are al­lowed in­to the school sys­tem.  

Hav­ing one dis­rupt­ive gob­lin in a class does a dis­ser­vice to the oth­er stu­dents who are there to learn.  So par­ents need to get their chil­dren straightened out be­fore they come to the schools.  There are many pro­grams out there that are little to no cost de­pend­ing on in­come.  

If the par­ents are too lazy, stu­pid, can’t do it or don’t want to do it, then they should have thought about that be­fore they hopped in the sack.    

Peter Di­Gi­useppe


Private school buses a bust

Once again the privat­ized school bus, that is sup­posed to save the city money, didn’t show up to pick up my dis­abled daugh­ter. This makes it three times since they took over that they have been a no-show. Two oth­er times, they brought her home an hour late. 

You call their num­ber, which the re­cord­ing says is “open 6 a.m. un­til the last child is dropped off,” but no one ever picks up the phone. By freak chance someone ac­tu­ally did an­swer today and said the bus has “had some mech­an­ic­al dif­fi­culties” and was run­ning late. What about the oth­er times? Ap­par­ently the bus driver “had a pre­vi­ous en­gage­ment” and couldn’t pick up the kids un­til an hour late. So let me get this straight. The com­pany be­ing paid piles of money to re­place our city school buses and put the drivers out of work has broken down and doesn’t have enough buses to do the job? You have no backup plan? 

Good choice City Hall. Maybe you can privat­ize the trash pickup next. When they don’t pick up you can fine people for hav­ing cans out. Make sure you all sign up for DROP. I’m sure there’s plenty of cash for that. 

Heza­ki­ah Lev­in­son


Don­ald Ster­ling car­toon

I am very con­cerned. The North­east Times’ polit­ic­al car­toon shows 81-year-old Clip­pers own­er, Don­ald Ster­ling, wear­ing a KKK hood. The pil­ing on here is very dis­tress­ing, con­sid­er­ing all he did was use ugly words in a phone call. His ad­mit­tedly messy per­son­al life in­dic­ated he also does some good, like giv­ing free tick­ets to poor kids and donat­ing to the NAACP. People are com­plic­ated. 

It seems the “bigotry” vili­fic­a­tion is every­where. Elite lib­er­als at­tack any­thing they dis­agree with. 

It’s no co­in­cid­ence that Sen­ate lead­er Harry Re­id is now at­tack­ing the own­er of the Wash­ing­ton Red­skins for ra­cism. A bril­liant com­puter whiz at Moz­illa was fired for voicing his sup­port for tra­di­tion­al mar­riage. 

The me­dia ought to stand firmly on the side of free speech, no mat­ter how ugly, and the rights of in­di­vidu­als, even if they have un­pop­u­lar opin­ions. 

Richard Iac­on­elli


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