15th District officer receives honor

Show­ing grat­it­ude: Pic­tured are (from left to right) La Famiglia dei Fra­telli Pres­id­ent Tony Coco, Po­lice Of­ficer John Sin­i­baldi, James Pav­lock, 15th Dis­trict Po­lice Capt. John Mc­Clo­s­key and schol­ar­ship chair­man Ray Tan­credi.

Po­lice Of­ficer John Sin­i­baldi last week was honored for his years of ser­vice in the 15th Dis­trict by La Famiglia dei Fra­telli, whose mem­bers named him its re­cip­i­ent of its first Chris M. Tan­credi Me­mori­al Cit­izen­ship Award.

Sin­i­baldi has been a po­lice of­ficer for al­most 35 years, and as­signed to the 15th since 1997, said Ray Tan­credi, chair­man of the La Famiglia dei Fra­telli’s Schol­ar­ship Com­mit­tee.

His should be a fa­mil­i­ar face around Frank­ford and Cottman av­en­ues, where he is a foot­beat of­ficer.

“He has a great rap­port with the com­munity and en­sures com­munity ser­vice,” Tan­credi said in a May 19 email to the North­east Times. 

Sin­i­baldi’s hon­ors were an­nounced dur­ing a ban­quet last week at which nine oth­er awards for aca­dem­ics, cit­izen­ship and Itali­an lan­guage were giv­en out, Tan­credi said.

Foun­ded in 2000 to pro­mote, with an Itali­an flair, ser­vice and char­it­able pro­grams, La Famiglia dei Fra­telli has made schol­ar­ship awards for 14 years. 

“Our mem­bers cook meals for fam­il­ies stay­ing at the Ron­ald Mc­Don­ald House four times a year,” Tan­credi stated. The or­gan­iz­a­tion also raises funds and cooks meals for North­east Philly-based Aid for Friends, and makes dona­tions to oth­er char­it­ies.

Be­sides of­fer­ing schol­ar­ships for area high school stu­dents who ex­cel in Itali­an lan­guage and cit­izen­ship, the or­gan­iz­a­tion pro­motes fam­ily pro­grams that cel­eb­rate Itali­an her­it­age. 

“We sup­port fraternal pro­grams that strengthen the ties of broth­er­hood among the mem­bers,” Tan­credi wrote. ••

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