Mayfair tire slasher sentenced to probation

Dav­id Toledo

At the end of the day, May­fair res­id­ents will have spent more time wait­ing for justice in the “tire slash­er” case than it will take the con­victed tire slash­er to serve his sen­tence. 

Com­mon Pleas Court Judge Ed­ward C. Wright on Monday ordered Dav­id Toledo to serve two years pro­ba­tion and pay about $916 in resti­tu­tion.

Toledo, 46, formerly of the 4000 block of Aldine St., gained wide­spread no­tori­ety in early 2012, first as the neigh­bor who had had enough of all this tire slash­ing busi­ness, then later as the guy who ac­tu­ally slashed the tires on a bunch of his neigh­bors’ vehicles.

Between Janu­ary and April 2012, about 50 un­at­ten­ded vehicles were van­dal­ized on the res­id­en­tial blocks near Toledo’s home. As me­dia at­ten­tion in­tens­i­fied, Toledo told re­port­ers about his work as a vo­lun­teer Town Watch mem­ber and how he might handle the crook were he to cap­ture him. Toledo fam­ously told one TV crew that he’d like to break the van­dal’s hands.

After weeks of in­vest­ig­a­tion, au­thor­it­ies ul­ti­mately con­cluded that Toledo was, in fact, re­spons­ible for the punc­tured tires. Yet, in Feb­ru­ary, a 12-per­son jury con­victed Toledo of only 15 of the 59 charges that pro­sec­utors had filed against him. Toledo was found guilty of a dozen counts of crim­in­al mis­chief (a sum­mary of­fense), along with two counts of pos­sess­ing an in­stru­ment of crime and one count of fil­ing false re­ports. The jury ac­quit­ted Toledo on 44 oth­er counts, prompt­ing de­fense at­tor­ney Wil­li­am Bren­nan to de­clare that oth­er May­fair tire slash­ers may still be on the loose.

At Monday’s sen­ten­cing, Bren­nan re­portedly ar­gued that state sen­ten­cing guidelines called for a sen­tence of resti­tu­tion plus up to one year in pris­on. Pro­sec­utors ar­gued for a pris­on sen­tence of five to 10 years. ••

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