Hillary going to bat for Margolies

Mar­jor­ie Mar­gol­ies, a Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate in the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict, will be the be­ne­fi­ciary of a Thursday night fun­draiser with Hil­lary Clin­ton.

Mar­gol­ies, a former con­gress­wo­man, is a fa­vor­ite of Bill and Hil­lary Clin­ton be­cause she cast the de­cid­ing vote in 1993 for the former pres­id­ent’s eco­nom­ic plan. In ad­di­tion, her son Marc is mar­ried to Chelsea Clin­ton.

Bill Clin­ton at­ten­ded a Mar­gol­ies fun­draiser last month at a Cen­ter City hotel.

Thursday’s fun­draiser will be held at the home of Lynn For­est­er de Roth­schild, who sup­por­ted Hil­lary Clin­ton’s 2008 pres­id­en­tial bid. After Clin­ton lost the nom­in­a­tion to Barack Obama, For­est­er de Roth­schild en­dorsed Re­pub­lic­an John Mc­Cain. Of Mc­Cain’s run­ning mate, she said, “I love Sarah Pal­in…I think she’s pretty cool.”

Mar­gol­ies will miss the fun­draiser. In­stead, she will at­tend the Mont­gomery County Demo­crat­ic Com­mit­tee spring re­cep­tion and the 66-B Demo­crat­ic ward meet­ing. Ward lead­er Mike McAleer has en­dorsed Mar­gol­ies.


Mar­gol­ies is call­ing on the su­per PAC Build­ing a Bet­ter Pennsylvania to re­veal the source of the money it is spend­ing on be­half of Brendan Boyle.

“Na­tion­al pro-choice groups like NARAL and EMILY’s List have no prob­lem de­clar­ing their op­pos­i­tion to Brendan Boyle’s anti-choice re­cord. Yet a su­per PAC try­ing to re-write Boyle’s anti-choice re­cord con­tin­ues to hide in the shad­ows,” Mar­gol­ies said.

Leach, too, is un­happy with the PAC. His cam­paign called the group “shad­owy.”


Boyle sent “An Open Let­ter to Can­did­ates for Con­gress in PA13.”

The let­ter was signed by 29 “pro-choice wo­men of the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict.” The group in­cluded former Sher­iff Bar­bara Dee­ley; Lisa Dee­ley, an aide to City Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on; and ward lead­er Shar­on Lo­si­er.

The wo­men write that Boyle is pro-choice, sup­ports Roe v. Wade and op­poses ef­forts to de­fund Planned Par­ent­hood. They note that Boyle joins Joe Biden, Al Gore and Ted Kennedy as hav­ing “evolved” on abor­tion. They also wrote that Pres­id­ent Obama “evolved” on same-sex mar­riage and now sup­ports it.

Mar­gol­ies re­jec­ted the let­ter.

“Your the­ory of evol­u­tion, Brendan, is a fraud,” she said.

In a 2008 art­icle in the Times, Boyle was de­scribed as pro-life.


NARAL Pro-Choice Amer­ica and EMILY’s List are tar­get­ing Brendan Boyle on abor­tion, tar­get­ing pro-choice wo­men in mail­ings that la­bel Boyle as “two-faced.” The mail­ings er­ro­neously refer to Boyle, who is a state rep­res­ent­at­ive, as a state sen­at­or.

“Brendan Boyle has no place in a race with true cham­pi­ons for wo­men’s rights,” said Ilyse Hogue, pres­id­ent of NARAL Pro-Choice Amer­ica.

“The wo­men and fam­il­ies of this dis­trict de­serve to send a rep­res­ent­at­ive to Wash­ing­ton who will be a cham­pi­on for them,” said Stephanie Schriock, pres­id­ent of EMILY’s List.


Boyle said abor­tion and the su­per PAC sup­port­ing him have be­come is­sues be­cause he is rising in the polls. He has re­peated that he is the only non-mil­lion­aire in the race.

“I am deeply con­cerned that more than 50 per­cent of Con­gress now be­longs to the wealth­i­est 1 per­cent of Amer­ica,” he said. “This is no longer a rep­res­ent­at­ive body, and Amer­ica is drift­ing to an ol­ig­archy where the gap between the rich and every­one else con­tin­ues to grow and mil­lion­aires don’t pay their fair share. I will fight to change that.”


Mar­gol­ies de­fen­ded her­self against ac­cus­a­tions by Boyle and Daylin Leach that she is spend­ing cam­paign money in the primary that can only be used in the gen­er­al elec­tion.

“At no time did Mar­jor­ie 2014 ac­cess gen­er­al elec­tion funds for ex­pendit­ures in this primary. Any as­ser­tion to the con­trary is without mer­it,” said Jen­nifer May, the cam­paign’s treas­urer.

Leach, though, wrote a let­ter to the Fed­er­al Elec­tion Com­mis­sion con­tend­ing that Mar­gol­ies has less cash-on-hand than what it’s raised for the gen­er­al elec­tion.

“The Mar­gol­ies cam­paign simply will not have the funds avail­able to re­fund to its gen­er­al elec­tion con­trib­ut­ors should it lose the primary,” he wrote.


AF­SCME Dis­trict Coun­cil 47 has en­dorsed Dr. Val Arkoosh in the 13th Dis­trict Demo­crat­ic primary.

“AF­SCME DC 47 has en­dorsed Val Arkoosh for Con­gress in the 13th Dis­trict be­cause we know, from her work get­ting health-care re­form passed in Wash­ing­ton and her long ca­reer serving wo­men and work­ing fam­il­ies in Phil­adelphia’s hos­pit­als, that she is the can­did­ate who is best able to ad­dress the needs of work­ing people,” said Vanessa Fields, uni­on vice pres­id­ent.

“I’m look­ing for­ward to work­ing with them in Con­gress to broaden eco­nom­ic prosper­ity for work­ing fam­il­ies,” Arkoosh said of DC 47 mem­bers.


Mean­while, Arkoosh won 57 per­cent of the vote at a caucus meet­ing of the Up­per Dub­lin Demo­crats.

Also, she picked up the un­an­im­ous sup­port of the Spring­field Town­ship Demo­crat­ic Com­mit­tee.

“I’ve spent a ca­reer solv­ing prob­lems for and ad­voc­at­ing on be­half of my pa­tients and their fam­il­ies from all corners of Phil­adelphia, and I’m run­ning to bring that same spir­it to Con­gress,” she said.

Arkoosh was also en­dorsed by Steven Kline Abing­ton Ward 1 com­mis­sion­er and vice pres­id­ent of the Board of Com­mis­sion­ers.


Arkoosh re­leased a new TV ad that is set in an op­er­at­ing room, with the can­did­ate dressed in scrubs and a white coat.

“I’m Val Arkoosh. I ap­prove this mes­sage be­cause in here, we work to­geth­er to solve prob­lems. And it’s time Con­gress does the same.”

An ob­stet­ric an­es­thesi­olo­gist, Arkoosh has spent the last 28 years help­ing Phil­adelphia-area wo­men dur­ing child­birth.


Jared So­lomon, who is chal­len­ging state Rep. Mark Co­hen (D-202nd dist.) in the primary, is run­ning two tele­vi­sion ads.

One ad fo­cuses on So­lomon’s com­munity in­volve­ment.

The oth­er, pro­duced by Neil Ox­man of the Cam­paign Group, chron­icles Co­hen’s “per-diem” spend­ing. In con­trast, So­lomon has pledged to forgo per-diem ex­penses.

The two ads are run­ning on both net­work and cable tele­vi­sion.


Demo­crat Mike Driscoll, one of three can­did­ates in the 173rd Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict Demo­crat­ic primary, was en­dorsed by U.S. Sen. Bob Ca­sey Jr. and City Coun­cil­men Bobby Hen­on and Jim Ken­ney.

Driscoll, Den­nis Kilderry and Paul DeFinis are run­ning in the primary to re­place Demo­crat­ic Rep. Mike McGee­han. Mike Tom­lin­son is un­op­posed on the Re­pub­lic­an side.

“I have known and re­spec­ted Mike for many years as an as­tute busi­ness­man, a com­munity act­iv­ist and a true cham­pi­on of North­east Phil­adelphia’s work­ing-class fam­il­ies,” Ken­ney said.


U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, a Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate for gov­ernor, is cri­ti­ciz­ing one of her primary op­pon­ents, busi­ness­man Tom Wolf, for re­fus­ing to re­lease the gender pay equity audit from The Wolf Or­gan­iz­a­tion.

“Tom Wolf may think it’s ri­dicu­lous to ask le­git­im­ate ques­tions about wheth­er his com­pany pays wo­men and men equally. But wo­men and men across Pennsylvania de­serve to know wheth­er Tom Wolf is prac­ti­cing what he preaches in his tele­vi­sion ads,” Schwartz said.

“Tom Wolf has centered his cam­paign on his busi­ness re­cord, and these are le­git­im­ate ques­tions about wheth­er there is a wage gap for wo­men at The Wolf Or­gan­iz­a­tion. We know for a fact there are no wo­men on his board and only two in man­age­ment.”

Former Pennsylvania Treas­urer and Aud­it­or Gen­er­al Bar­bara Hafer held a con­fer­ence call with re­port­ers, and chal­lenged Wolf to prove that there is no wage gap at The Wolf Or­gan­iz­a­tion.

“Tom Wolf’s tele­vi­sion ads paint a very pretty pic­ture about Tom Wolf and his busi­ness. But like any fairy tale, the prob­lem with the nice story is—- it’s just not the full truth,” Hafer said. “Tom Wolf says that pay equity is im­port­ant to him but he has yet to re­lease any of the de­tails of his in­tern­al audit on the wage gap at The Wolf Or­gan­iz­a­tion. I am call­ing on Tom Wolf to re­lease the full audit and re­port to show that he prac­tices what he preaches on tele­vi­sion.” ••

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