Henon given humanitarian award

Quite an hon­or: City Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on (cen­ter) was awar­ded the Dan Got­tlieb Hu­man­it­ari­an Award on Feb. 27. Pic­tured are (left) Mary­ann Volk, CFAR founder, and Jordan Urb­an, ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or.

The Cen­ter for Fam­il­ies and Re­la­tion­ships last week presen­ted City Coun­cil­man Bobby Hen­on with the Dan Got­tlieb Hu­man­it­ari­an Award.

The Castor Gar­dens-based agency was foun­ded in 1994 by Mary­ann Volk. It provides fam­ily coun­sel­ing, an­ger man­age­ment and oth­er thera­peut­ic ser­vices to chil­dren and fam­il­ies throughout Phil­adelphia.

“Bobby Hen­on has been a great friend to CFAR,” said ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or Jordan Urb­an. “He’s al­ways been there for us when we needed him.”

Hen­on (D-6th dist.) re­ceived the award on Feb. 27 dur­ing a 20th an­niversary casino night fun­draiser at Tendenza in North­ern Liber­ties. The award is giv­en an­nu­ally to a per­son mak­ing a dif­fer­ence in the com­munity through caring and com­munity ser­vice.

Pre­vi­ous win­ners have in­cluded Dis­trict At­tor­ney Seth Wil­li­ams, Sun­shine Found­a­tion founder Bill Sample and Pro­ject HOME ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or and pres­id­ent Sis­ter Mary Scul­lion.

“The CFAR ap­proach of fo­cus­ing on the whole fam­ily is so im­port­ant,” Hen­on said. “My own up­bring­ing wasn’t without struggles, but I was still one of the lucky ones. CFAR helps to heal the wounds of kids and fam­il­ies who maybe wer­en’t so lucky and help them be­come whole, and part of a com­plete com­munity.” ••

You can reach at noreply@bsmphilly.com.

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