Setting the record straight on the Aramingo Diner

Last Fri­day came and went, and the Ara­mingo is still open. Pa­tri­cia (Patti ‘Star’) Buz­ine has the scoop from the own­er.

I hate ru­mors, so I sought out the truth—I can’t even count the num­ber of people who men­tioned the clos­ing of the Ara­mingo Diner to me. It’s such an icon in the neigh­bor­hood, and the big fish stor­ies that were fly­ing around (in­clud­ing the rumored close date of Fri­day, March 21) needed either to be squashed or con­firmed. 

I stopped by un­an­nounced last Thursday and was gra­ciously met by long­time own­er George and his daugh­ter Kath­leen. 

First, let me say, through the 59 years that the Ara­mingo Diner has been here, just about every­one has eaten there. It was al­ways, “I’ll meet you at the Ara­mingo.” It was the fa­vor­ite spot after the bars closed, fam­ily break­fast after Sunday church, meet­ing place for lunch, com­fort food for din­ner and the place to get the best cheese­cake. I can’t tell you how many cheese­cakes I took some­where or found graced on someone’s din­ner table. This neigh­bor­hood leg­acy de­served more, I felt, than the nasty ru­mors that were fly­ing around. For so many of us, we grew up wait­ing in line at the Ara­mingo.

Here’s the truth from George. When his fath­er-in-law passed, George, then 23 years old, took the diner over. Now, 43 years later, he would like to re­tire. There was no giv­en date. There have been talks with oth­er res­taur­ants, and there are con­cerns for his staff, some who have been there for years. A lot of emo­tions rest on his shoulders. He wants to do what is good not only for him and his fam­ily, but also for the neigh­bor­hood that sup­por­ted him. 

For now, squash the ru­mors, cause it’s busi­ness as usu­al at the diner, and when George de­cides to re­tire, he will re­tire. That’s the truth.

Pa­tri­cia (Patti ‘Star’) Buz­ine is a Star ad­vert­ising sales rep­res­ent­at­ive who lives in Port Rich­mond. 

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