Letters to the Editor: March 26, 2014

Obama wrong in nom­in­a­tion

It is out­rageous and thor­oughly dis­gust­ing that a man like Debo Ad­e­g­bile would even be con­sidered for nom­in­a­tion to head the Civil Rights Di­vi­sion of the Justice De­part­ment.  

Mu­mia Abu Jamal’s con­vic­tion has been up­held for more than 30 years with him even ad­mit­ting to the murder of Of­ficer Dani­al Faulkner. After hav­ing already shot Of­ficer Faulkner, this cow­ard stood over him while he lay on the ground and shot him point-blank between the eyes. Mu­mia Abu Jamal has had many law­yers try to ap­peal his con­vic­tion over the years and his guilt al­ways has been proven bey­ond the shad­ow of any doubt with nu­mer­ous people hav­ing wit­nessed this cold-blooded murder.

Now, over 25 years after the fact, we have Debo Ad­e­g­bile cham­pi­on­ing this cow­ardly cop killer. It’s not as if Ad­e­g­bile is a pub­lic de­fend­er simply do­ing a job — Mu­mia has already been proven guilty many times over bey­ond any doubt. Debo Ad­e­g­bile has taken the il­lo­gic­al stance that the con­vic­tion of this guilty man is some­how un­just.  

The only out­rage here is that Pres­id­ent Obama even con­sidered nom­in­at­ing this man for a Justice De­part­ment po­s­i­tion. This is our Com­mand­er in Chief; a man who thinks there’s noth­ing wrong with cham­pi­on­ing the cause of a cop killer.

Peter Di­Gi­useppe


Tommy needs a forever home

Most kit­ties have it easy, they have lov­ing homes with lots of cuddles and win­dow sills to sun­bathe on. But there are the un­for­tu­nate oth­ers that are out­side, alone and fend­ing for them­selves; cats that once had a home and for reas­ons none of their own, are tossed aside like yes­ter­day’s news.

One of these cats is Tommy. Tommy was once someones pet, but he some­how found him­self liv­ing out­side in the cold with no where and no one to turn to. Des­pite his or­deal, Tommy is su­per friendly and loves at­ten­tion, be­ing held and just be­ing loved. 

If you would like to be Tommy’s new fam­ily, please con­tact his foster mom at GDeN­ofa@aol.com

You can also vis­it his video page at www.you­tube.com/watch?v=azz_m2WiWiM

Gina De­N­ofa

For­got­ten Cats

Ex­per­i­en­cing elec­tric rate shock?

Over the past sev­er­al weeks many of our neigh­bors have been stunned by the size of their elec­tric bills.  If you have a vari­able-rate gen­er­a­tion con­tract with an elec­tri­city sup­pli­er, you might have opened your monthly elec­tric bill to find a steep in­crease in your rate, with little or no ad­vance warn­ing. In some cases, monthly bills for cus­tom­ers on vari­able rate plans have al­most quad­rupled.

This winter has been a tough one, and low tem­per­at­ures and high de­mand have been blamed for these dra­mat­ic rate in­creases. It also seems that some vari­able-rate plan cus­tom­ers were un­clear as to the ex­tent of the terms of their con­tracts, and some cus­tom­ers were placed on vari­able plans auto­mat­ic­ally after their fixed-term con­tracts ex­pired.

In re­sponse to cus­tom­er com­plaints, the Pub­lic Util­ity Com­mis­sion, the At­tor­ney Gen­er­al, and the Of­fice of Con­sumer Ad­voc­ate are look­ing in­to this prob­lem.  They are ask­ing con­sumers to call them and file re­ports if they feel that they have been vic­tims of ex­treme rate in­creases.

I en­cour­age con­sumers af­fected by this prob­lem to sub­mit com­plaints to the fol­low­ing agen­cies, each of whom are do­ing their own in­vest­ig­a­tions:

• Pennsylvania Pub­lic Util­ity Com­mis­sion Con­sumer Ser­vices Bur­eau


• Pennsylvania At­tor­ney Gen­er­al Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Hot­line


• Pennsylvania Of­fice of Con­sumer Ad­voc­ate


As al­ways if my of­fice can be of any as­sist­ance to you or your fam­ily please don’t hes­it­ate to reach out to my of­fice at 215-676-033 or 215-342-1700.

State Rep. Brendan F. Boyle

You can reach at .

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