Reunions: March 19, 2014


H.R. Ed­munds

• All class re­union. A re­union for all classes will be held on March 28, 2014. $30. 7 to 10 p.m. 215-537-2520, nrichter@string­the­ory­, bmay­er@string­the­ory­

St. Anne

• Class of ‘58. Try­ing to loc­ate former class­mates to plan a re­union. Jack Re­illy, 215-579-1711 or email

St. Domin­ic                

• Class of ‘52. Try­ing to loc­ate former class­mates for re­union. Pat Lowry-McLaugh­lin, 215-333-4401.

St. Mar­tin of Tours

• Class of ’62. Hold­ing a re­union on April 26, 2014 at the VFW Post at 6850 Mar­tins Mill Road. Email Mike Korol­ish­in,


Car­din­al Dougherty

• Class of ’64. Hold­ing a 50-year re­union on Sept. 27 at the Ra­dis­son Hotel, 2400 Old Lin­coln High­way in Tre­vose. $75. 215-896-5466 or email cdh­

• Class of ’74. Hold­ing a 40-year re­union on May 3 at FOP Lodge 5 in the Her­oes Ball­room. 610-391-0182 or email cdh­s40­

• All classes. An­nu­al Soar at the Shore re­uin­ion on Ju­ly 19 from 2 to 7 p.m. at Keen­an’s, 113 Olde New Jer­sey Ave., North Wild­wood. 

George Wash­ing­ton

• Class of ‘84. Look­ing for gradu­ates for a gath­er­ing with a tent­at­ive date of Novem­ber 2014. Email GWHS­Clas­

John W. Hal­la­han

• Class of ’68. Search­ing for former class­mates for an up­com­ing re­union. Eileen Kelly, 215-765-8843; Jane Brack­en, 610-873-7154 or email 1968­

• Class of ’83. Re­union is in the plan­ning stages. In­ter­ested gradu­ates can con­tact Pa­tri­cia Mer­ri­m­an Zach­wieja by email at pz­ach­wieja@thebene­fi­


• Class of ’65. Hold­ing 50-year re­union on April 25, 2015 at the Ra­dis­son Hard­wick Hotel in Phil­adelphia. Vis­it­east­high­school/124­class

• Class of ’94. Search­ing for class­mates for a re­union. An­gelo Di­mi­dio, 215-209-9145.


• Class of ’54. Hold­ing a 60-year re­union on May 4 as Bala Golf Club. Email Over­ or mel.ger­

• Class of ’59. Hold­ing a 55th-year re­union lunch­eon on May 17 at the Rad­nor Hotel. Di­ane Mill­mond Got­tlieb, 636-812-2175.

St. Hubert/Fath­er Judge

• Classes of ’75. Hold­ing a joint re­union on April 25 at the Maltese Room. For in­form­a­tion vis­it www.father­ or ••

You can reach at

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