Neighborhood spring cleanups are April 5

If you built up your muscles shov­el­ing snow this winter, then you’re feel­ing fit and ready to play happy cleanup in your neigh­bor­hood. Right?

OK, maybe you’re sore and in no mood to be happy about any­thing. Shrug it off already! Spring is ar­riv­ing in the early af­ter­noon of Thursday, March 20, and there are things to do. One of the them is tidy­ing up after a rough sea­son.

You can help do that on April 5, the date of the city’s sev­enth an­nu­al “Spring Clean Up.” For the past sev­er­al years, res­id­ents have spruced up parks and rec cen­ters, swept up city streets, raked up debris, planted flowers and picked up trash. Last year, for ex­ample, more than 13,000 vo­lun­teers picked up more than a mil­lion pounds of trash and more than 23,000 pounds of re­cyc­lables. That sounds like a re­cord, and it was.

There are plenty of North­east pro­jects this year that can use some ex­tra hands. Most loc­al cleanups tar­get spe­cif­ic areas and run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Some pro­jects aren’t on the city’s of­fi­cial list yet. For ex­ample, mem­bers of the Frank­ford Parks Group, who routinely look after “pock­et parks” in Frank­ford at Mul­berry and Mead­ow, Hedge and Or­tho­dox streets and Tack­awanna and Mead­ow, aren’t on the city’s list, but they will be out there on April 5. Also not on the city’s list are mem­bers of the Great­er Bustleton Civic League. Jack O’Hara, the league’s pres­id­ent, said the civic group is signed up and will be tidy­ing up Grant Av­en­ue traffic is­lands from the Boulevard to Krewstown Road and then will work on the traffic is­lands on Red Li­on Road.

A list of North­east loc­a­tions fol­lows, but that list might grow by April 5, so if you know of a loc­al pro­ject not lis­ted be­low, check with who­ever or­gan­ized it last year.

• Over­ing­ton Park, 4600 Leiper St.

• St. Mar­tin’s, 5450 Roosevelt Blvd.

• Take Back Your Neigh­bor­hood, 6500 Castor Ave.

• May­fair Me­mori­al Play­ground, 3201 Ry­an Ave.

• 8297 Bustleton Ave.

• Tar­heels Com­munity Clean, Sum­mer­dale Av­en­ue and the Boulevard to Sum­mer­dale and Ox­ford av­en­ues

• Lard­ner’s Point Park, 5101 Levick St.

• Frank­ford Av­en­ue, 7300 Frank­ford Ave.

• 1300 block of As­cot Place, Somer­ton

• Hayes Play­ground, 9935 Pres­id­ent St.

• Light­house Soc­cer Club, Roosevelt Boulevard and Southamp­ton Road

The city provides rakes, shovels, brooms and work gloves, but nobody will tell you not to bring your own fa­vor­ite tools. Not a lot of prep is ne­ces­sary for this event. Vo­lun­teers just show up ready to work.

The city provides trash pickups for re­gistered pro­jects. To re­gister your pro­ject, vis­it www.phil­adelphi­ ••

You can reach at

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