Clinton to appear at Margolies fundraiser

Former Pres­id­ent Bill Clin­ton will ap­pear at an up­com­ing fun­draiser for Mar­jor­ie Mar­gol­ies, a Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate in the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict.

The event will take place on April 10 at noon at the Prime Rib, loc­ated in­side the War­wick Hotel, at 17th and Lo­cust streets. It’s be­ing hos­ted by Mont­gomery County Com­mis­sion­er Josh Sha­piro and at­tor­ney Dar­ren Check.

Marc Mezv­in­sky, the can­did­ate’s son, is mar­ried to Chelsea Clin­ton, the former pres­id­ent’s daugh­ter.

Mar­gol­ies served in the U.S. House in 1993-94, cast­ing the de­cid­ing vote for Clin­ton’s eco­nom­ic plan. The plan, which in­cluded tax in­creases, was op­posed by all Re­pub­lic­ans and 41 Demo­crats. Sup­port­ers be­lieve the plan led to an eco­nom­ic ex­pan­sion.


Mar­gol­ies is the only one of the six can­did­ates in the 13th Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict who has yet to com­mit to ap­pear at a for­um at Con­greg­a­tions of Shaare Shamay­im.

The for­um is set for Sunday, March 30, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The syn­agogue is loc­ated at 9768 Ver­ree Road.

Can­did­ates who have con­firmed for that day are Demo­crats Daylin Leach, Brendan Boyle and Val Arkoosh and Re­pub­lic­ans Dee Ad­cock and Bev Plosa-Bow­ser.

The pub­lic is in­vited to at­tend and ask ques­tions.


Boyle, a state rep­res­ent­at­ive, sub­mit­ted more than 4,000 nom­in­at­ing pe­ti­tions by last week’s dead­line. The min­im­um re­quire­ment is 1,000.

Boyle thanked his 100-plus vo­lun­teers.

“This cam­paign is based on a strong grass­roots net­work across North­east Phil­adelphia and Mont­gomery County, and the sup­port we’ve got­ten over the past sev­er­al weeks re­flects that fact,” he said after the March 11 dead­line passed.

“In gath­er­ing sig­na­tures, I’ve spoken with many people in com­munit­ies across the dis­trict who are eager for a voice in Wash­ing­ton that will ad­voc­ate for fair pay, ac­cess to qual­ity edu­ca­tion and policies to strengthen our work­ing and middle classes. With the sup­port of res­id­ents from May­fair to Lans­dale and every­where in between, I am con­fid­ent that we are on track to be suc­cess­ful over the fi­nal 10 weeks lead­ing up to our primary.”

Boyle also filed last week for re-elec­tion to his state House seat. He has no Demo­crat­ic or Re­pub­lic­an op­pon­ent in that race.


The race for gov­ernor will con­sist of two Re­pub­lic­ans and five Demo­crats.

Gov. Tom Corbett will face Bob Guz­zardi, a law­yer from Ar­d­more, in the Re­pub­lic­an primary.

The Demo­crat­ic field is made up of U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz; state Treas­urer Rob Mc­Cord; former Aud­it­or Gen­er­al Jack Wag­n­er; Katie Mc­Ginty, a former sec­ret­ary of the state De­part­ment of En­vir­on­ment­al Pro­tec­tion; and Tom Wolf, a wealthy York County busi­ness­man and former sec­ret­ary of the state De­part­ment of Rev­en­ue.

Lt. Gov. Jim Caw­ley will be un­op­posed on the Re­pub­lic­an bal­lot.

Six Demo­crats filed for lieu­ten­ant gov­ernor: state Sen. Mike Stack, former con­gress­man Mark Critz; state Rep. Brandon Neu­man; Har­ris­burg City Coun­cil­man Brad Kopl­in­ski; Brad­ford County Com­mis­sion­er Mark Smith; and former Penn State as­sist­ant foot­ball coach Jay Pa­ter­no.

In the 1st Con­gres­sion­al Dis­trict, Demo­crat­ic Rep. Bob Brady and Re­pub­lic­an Megan Rath are both un­op­posed in their primary elec­tions.

State Sen. Tina Tartagli­one (D-2nd dist.) will face two op­pon­ents in the primary: former City Coun­cil­man Dan Sav­age and To­mas Sanc­hez, hus­band of Coun­cil­wo­man Maria Quinones Sanc­hez. John Jen­kins, ad­mis­sions dir­ect­or at West Cath­ol­ic High School, is the Re­pub­lic­an can­did­ate.

State Reps. Tom Murt (R-152nd dist.), Brendan Boyle (D-170th dist.), John Sabat­ina Jr. (D-174th dist.), John Taylor (R-177th dist.) and Dwight Evans (D-203rd dist.) will be un­op­posed in the primary and gen­er­al elec­tions.

Rep. Kev­in Boyle (D-172nd dist.) will face Jef­frey Voice in the primary.

In the 173rd Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict, Re­pub­lic­an Mike Tom­lin­son is un­op­posed. The Demo­crats are Mike Driscoll, Den­nis Kilderry, Paul DeFinis and Ar­len Curtis LaRue.

Rep. James Clay (D-179th dist.) will face Jason Dawkins and Dav­id Hall in the primary.

Rep. Mark Co­hen (D-202nd dist.) will face civic act­iv­ist and law­yer Jared So­lomon in the primary.


The Na­tion­al As­so­ci­ation of So­cial Work­ers-Pennsylvania Chapter en­dorsed Demo­crat Allyson Schwartz for gov­ernor.

Schwartz is a former act­ing dir­ect­or of the city De­part­ment of Hu­man Ser­vices.

“We be­lieve she is the best can­did­ate, and are cer­tain that her ex­per­i­ences as a so­cial work­er and so­cial work edu­cat­or will in­form her policy de­cisions,” said ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or Ron Si­mon.

There are al­most 6,000 mem­bers in the NASW’s Pennsylvania chapter.


John Hanger, a former sec­ret­ary of the state De­part­ment of En­vir­on­ment­al Pro­tec­tion, dropped out of the Demo­crat­ic primary for gov­ern­ing, say­ing, “There is no longer a path to vic­tory.”

“Tom Wolf’s tele­vi­sion cam­paign has been start­lingly ef­fect­ive, and he has taken a com­mand­ing lead, hav­ing reached sup­port of 40 per­cent or more,” he said. “His strong rise in the polls im­pacted the cam­paigns of all his com­pet­it­ors and stopped mo­mentum that we had in Janu­ary, though we alone among the com­pet­ing cam­paigns did not lose ground in some polls.”


Gov. Tom Corbett and Lt. Gov. Jim Caw­ley filed for re-elec­tion to a second term with sig­na­tures from all 67 counties.

Corbett filed with 27,747 sig­na­tures, in­clud­ing more than 100 col­lec­ted in 50 counties. Caw­ley filed with 26,680 sig­na­tures.

“Over the last three years, we have kept our prom­ises and put Pennsylvania on the path to a bright­er fu­ture by re­form­ing Har­ris­burg, keep­ing taxes low and cre­at­ing more than 150,000 private sec­tor jobs,” Corbett said. “I am humbled by the tire­less com­mit­ment of our grass­roots sup­port­ers who showed their en­thu­si­asm for our cam­paign and are work­ing to give us four more years to con­tin­ue fight­ing for our agenda of ‘More Jobs, Less Taxes.’ It has been an hon­or to serve the people of Pennsylvania, and I look for­ward to the bright fu­ture that lies just ahead for our com­mon­wealth.”

Caw­ley ad­ded, “Pennsylvania is stronger today be­cause of the tough de­cisions Gov. Tom Corbett made to put us back on a path to­ward prosper­ity, and I look for­ward to serving with him a second term. Pennsylvani­ans can’t af­ford to re­turn to the tax-and-spend policies our op­pon­ents sup­port, and I am con­fid­ent that voters will soundly re­ject their at­tempts to bring the Obama-style, big gov­ern­ment agenda to Har­ris­burg.”


Jay Pa­ter­no, a Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate for lieu­ten­ant gov­ernor, is hope­ful of re­main­ing on the bal­lot, though his nom­in­at­ing pe­ti­tions are be­ing chal­lenged.

Brad Kopl­in­ski, who is also seek­ing the nom­in­a­tion, has hired a law­yer to chal­lenge Pa­ter­no’s pe­ti­tions. Pa­ter­no, son of the late Penn State foot­ball coach Joe Pa­ter­no, filed about 1,200 pe­ti­tions. The re­quire­ment is 1,000 pe­ti­tions, in­clud­ing at least 100 from five counties.

“I am con­fid­ent in the pe­ti­tion sig­na­tures I sub­mit­ted,” Pa­ter­no said. “I over­saw the pe­ti­tion gath­er­ing ef­fort. A mem­ber of my fam­ily, a vo­lun­teer or my­self gathered each one of these sig­na­tures. The people of this com­mon­wealth are tired of polit­ics as usu­al, and we look for­ward to dis­cuss­ing the real is­sues that mat­ter to work­ing fam­il­ies here in Pennsylvania. Voters in the com­mon­wealth should be the ones to se­lect the party’s nom­in­ee for lieu­ten­ant gov­ernor.”


Fraternal Or­der of Po­lice Lodge 5 en­dorsed Demo­crat­ic state Rep. Ed Neilson in the May 20 spe­cial elec­tion for an at-large City Coun­cil seat.

The Re­pub­lic­an can­did­ate is ex­pec­ted to be Matt Wolfe, a ward lead­er and law­yer from West Phil­adelphia.

In­de­pend­ents and minor-party can­did­ates might also join the race to re­place Demo­crat Bill Green, re­cently named to be chair­man of the School Re­form Com­mis­sion.

The FOP also re­it­er­ated its sup­port for Demo­crat Mike Driscoll in the race for the 173rd Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict seat. In­cum­bent Demo­crat Mike McGee­han is not seek­ing an­oth­er term. ••

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