School district police officer dies at Washington High

A vet­er­an school dis­trict po­lice of­ficer was found dead at Wash­ing­ton High School Monday af­ter­noon.

Sgt. Daryl Giles, 50, had broken up a stu­dent fight at the Bustleton Av­en­ue school earli­er Monday, said dis­trict spokes­man Fernando Gal­lard, and af­ter­ward had told co-work­ers he didn’t feel good.

A fa­mil­i­ar fig­ure in the school’s hall­ways, Giles went miss­ing, Gal­lard said, and was found un­con­scious in a staff bath­room. The school nurse tried to re­vive him, the spokes­man said, and Giles was taken to Holy Re­deem­er Hos­pit­al in Mont­gomery County where he was pro­nounced dead. Ac­cord­ing to the Mont­gomery County cor­on­er’s of­fice, Giles dies of severe coron­ary heart dis­ease. The cause or the sever­ity of the stu­dent fight was un­known, Gal­lard said, adding three per­sons were taken in­to cus­tody on dis­orderly con­duct charges. Gal­lard said Giles, a school dis­trict of­ficer for 19 years, was “be­loved and re­spec­ted by staff and stu­dents.” 

Gal­lard said he was not sure how long Giles, known as Sarge, had worked at Wash­ing­ton. 

“If there was any­one who got re­spect at that school, it was Sarge,” re­tired math teach­er Lynne Kramer said Monday. “He al­ways was right there where the ac­tion was.”

Kramer, who re­tired in 2010, said she knew Giles for six years and re­ferred to him as a sta­bil­iz­ing force in the school build­ing.

“When he was around, you just felt like things were in con­trol,” she said.

Gal­lard said Monday that he didn’t have any in­form­a­tion about fu­ner­al ar­range­ments. ••

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