Two suspects arrested after motel shootout

Two men who al­legedly turned a North­east motel in­to the OK Cor­ral three months ago are now be­hind bars fa­cing ag­grav­ated as­sault charges.

Po­lice ar­res­ted Vin­cent Jack­son and Ad­onis Foun­tain sep­ar­ately last Thursday. De­tect­ives be­lieve that the two were on op­pos­ite sides of a gun­fight that sur­veil­lance cam­er­as in­side the Roosevelt Mo­tor Inn at 7600 Roosevelt Blvd. filmed as the shoot­ers roamed the hall­ways and stair­wells try­ing to get the jump on one an­oth­er. 

The con­front­a­tion oc­curred on March 31. The sur­veil­lance video promp­ted pub­lic as­ton­ish­ment when po­lice pos­ted it on You­Tube days later.

An an­onym­ous tip­ster helped de­tect­ives break the case, identi­fy­ing the al­leged gun­men. 

Po­lice be­lieve that Jack­son, 30, of the 3100 block of Whar­ton St., ran a pros­ti­tu­tion busi­ness in­side the motel and that Foun­tain, 19, of the 6300 block of Carna­tion St., went there shortly after mid­night to settle an old score. Someone tipped Jack­son that Foun­tain was on his way there, so Jack­son spot­ted Foun­tain and en­gaged him in the hand­gun battle, po­lice said.

Al­though oth­ers ap­peared to ac­com­pany the shoot­ers, no oth­er ar­rests were made. The video fur­ther showed in­no­cent motel pat­rons ap­par­ently caught in the cross­fire, but no in­jur­ies were re­por­ted. ••

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