Tips to let go of your excess

As Wil­li­am Bridges says, “Without re­leas­ing the fruits of one sea­son, you can­not blos­som in­to the next.”

In that spir­it, be­low are some ideas to help you let go of your ex­cess “been there, done that” be­long­ings and re­place them with something bet­ter.

• Col­lect ex­per­i­ences in­stead of things. Shift your fo­cus from ac­cu­mu­lat­ing things to ac­cu­mu­lat­ing ex­per­i­ences and stor­ing good memor­ies. Un­like phys­ic­al be­long­ings, your life ex­per­i­ences will only in­crease in value over time and can truly be savored later.

• Yearn to learn. Shift­ing your fo­cus to learn­ing will not only add to your know­ledge base and ex­pand your think­ing, it’ll re­quire your time, your en­ergy and your fo­cus. Best of all, no mat­ter how much know­ledge you gain, it will be easy to carry with you any­where you go and it won’t re­quire any phys­ic­al stor­age place in your home.

• Ex­pand your con­nec­tions. What’s an­oth­er good re­place­ment for your ex­cess “stuff” and be­long­ings? New con­nec­tions and new friends. This is yet an­oth­er fo­cus that takes time and en­ergy, and will help to set your course in a pos­it­ive new dir­ec­tion. A good place to start is to get out and meet a neigh­bor or two you don’t know, or start up a con­ver­sa­tion with a few people you see re­peatedly in your nor­mal daily life. 

• Live to give. “It’s not what you gath­er but what you scat­ter that tells what kind of life you’ve lived.” (Source un­known). Shift­ing from gath­er­ing to scat­ter­ing all that you have to give might mean vo­lun­teer­ing your time for a cause you be­lieve in or an or­gan­iz­a­tion you sup­port. Or what about keep­ing an eye out for someone who needs a help­ing hand or a listen­ing ear? Try this out and fo­cus on shar­ing your tal­ents and abil­it­ies with the world around you. I prom­ise that you won’t have to look far, and you’ll very likely reap as much (or more) from what you have to give. ••

Sue Ronnen­kamp is cor­por­ate dir­ect­or of com­munity life at Wes­ley En­hanced Liv­ing.

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