Police search for teen’s kidnappers

A Hol­ly­wood-style drama played out in Somer­ton on June 18 as rob­bers kid­napped a loc­al teen­ager, in­vaded his par­ents’ home and stole tens of thou­sands of dol­lars in cash. 

The ab­duct­ors es­caped with the teen des­pite a brief pur­suit by the youth’s fath­er, only to re­lease him miles from his home, ac­cord­ing to po­lice and news re­ports.

The epis­ode un­fol­ded at about 1:30 p.m. on the 10100 block of Ferndale St. when three ban­dits grabbed the 15-year-old vic­tim as he walked home from school, shoved him in­to a wait­ing car and bound him. The kid­nap­pers then burst in­to the youth’s home with guns drawn and de­man­ded the fam­ily’s valu­ables.

The boy’s fath­er, Chris­ti­an Gar­nica, told re­port­ers that the in­vaders told them to “‘give us everything. Don’t lie. We know what you have already.’ I guess my son told them what we have.”

Au­thor­it­ies be­lieve that the fam­ily may have had $30,000 in cash in the house, plus jew­elry. The ban­dits also stole se­cur­ity equip­ment, which con­tained the home’s sur­veil­lance video. In mak­ing their es­cape, the rob­bers tied up the fam­ily, but Gar­nica was able to free him­self.

“I got un­tied fast and I grabbed my keys and left. I fol­lowed them and chased those guys,” the fath­er said.

He lost them on Roosevelt Boulevard. The crooks re­portedly were trav­el­ing south­bound in a sil­ver Subaru sta­tion wag­on. They freed the un­injured teen­ager in the area of 23rd and Fair­mount streets. The three rob­bers re­main at large. ••

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