Northwood Civic discusses improvements for local park

Crime, qual­ity-of-life is­sues and park up­keep dom­in­ated mem­bers’ dis­cus­sions dur­ing the North­wood Civic As­so­ci­ation’s June 17 meet­ing at St. James Church.

Mem­ber Ed Mar­tin said he has been look­ing over North­wood Park, and spelled out some of the im­prove­ments that are needed.

Benches at the park at Ar­rott Street and Castor Av­en­ue are in bad shape, but could be eas­ily and in­ex­pens­ively re­paired. The park’s tables are an­oth­er mat­ter, he said, and run in­to some big dol­lars to buy and have de­livered. Steps lead­ing in­to the park are in dis­repair, he said, and the stairs’ rail­ing need to be re­placed or men­ded.

The park’s benches are wood fit­ted in­to con­crete bases, Mar­tin said. Those that can be re­paired would need to have their old wood re­moved and re­placed with new, treated lum­ber. The new stuff is easy, he said, and all that’s needed could be pur­chased for less than $300. Get­ting the old wood out would re­quire grind­ing out the bolts that now hold the planks in place. He said he has the skill to do that, but he would need power for a grinder to get the job done.

Lisa Bor­ine, an aide to state Sen. Tina Tartagli­one (D-2nd dist.), said she would make in­quir­ies for the as­so­ci­ation to see if an elec­tric line could be dropped tem­por­ar­ily to the park.

Joe Krause, the as­so­ci­ation’s pres­id­ent, said there were not enough mem­bers at the sparsely at­ten­ded meet­ing to vote on the bench ex­pendit­ure, but said he would ask board mem­bers meet­ing this week to ap­prove it. The res­ults of that vote will be an­nounced at the group’s Ju­ly meet­ing, he said.

Mar­tin said the tab for re­pla­cing a couple of park tables with dur­able con­crete mod­els could be $925 each, and that doesn’t in­clude de­liv­ery charges.

He said he is hop­ing to get in touch with the city’s De­part­ment of Parks and Re­cre­ation to ask for re­pairs to the steps in the park, which he said are in very poor shape.

“They’re dan­ger­ous … they’ve been de­teri­or­at­ing over the years,” he said.


Tom McA­voy, the as­so­ci­ation’s vice pres­id­ent, said the North­wood Town Watch had been aler­ted that rob­ber­ies have been on the rise in the 15th Po­lice Dis­trict. Of­ficer Coco, the dis­trict’s vic­tim as­sist­ance of­ficer, on June 18 said the spike has been in the 15th’s south­ern third, which in­cludes North­wood and Frank­ford.

One res­id­ent asked about a June 12 shoot­ing on the 1000 block of Al­len­grove Street. She said she heard there had been an ar­rest, but didn’t have any oth­er in­form­a­tion.

Po­lice spokes­wo­man Jill­ian Rus­sell filled in the de­tails on June 18.

Of­ficers who ar­rived on the block to in­vest­ig­ate re­ports of gun­shots saw 21-year-old Brandon Brown of the 3700 block of N. Bouvi­er St. dis­card a hand­gun and take off on foot. Of­fices pur­sued him and caught up to him on the 4600 block of Frank­ford Ave., Rus­sell stated. Brown, she said, was charged with three vi­ol­a­tions of the Uni­form Fire­arms Act.

An­oth­er res­id­ent said there are thieves roam­ing around the 1300 block of Or­tho­dox St. and “they go up on your prop­erty and they take what they want.”

She said the men walk up and down the block with shop­ping carts.


McA­voy said he has made re­peated com­plaints about il­leg­al truck park­ing in the neigh­bor­hood. Po­lice is­sue tick­ets to the of­fend­ers, he said, but res­id­ents have to keep mak­ing the com­plaints so the vi­ol­at­ors fi­nally get the point.

Neigh­bors said they have seen un­per­mit­ted renov­a­tion work on the 1000 block of Wakeling St., but said they were re­luct­ant to call the city’s 311 line to re­port the il­leg­al work, which they see as im­prov­ing the block. An­oth­er neigh­bor said he has heard someone wants to cut down sev­er­al city-owned trees on the same block.

Krause said the il­leg­al work should be re­por­ted to the city’s 311 line.

“If there is a theme for the night,” he said, “it’s to call 311.”

The North­wood Civic As­so­ci­ation’s next ses­sion will be at 7 p.m. on Tues­day, Ju­ly 15, at St. James Church, Castor Av­en­ue and Pratt Street. ••

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