Mayfair store owner shoots robber

A would-be rob­ber made a fatal mis­take in his at­tempt to hold up a May­fair health food store on Monday af­ter­noon. He brought a knife to a gun­fight.

As a res­ult, the wo­man shop own­er emerged from the en­counter un­scathed, while the ban­dit, a 47-year-old ex-con­vict, ended up with a big hunk of lead in his chest, ac­cord­ing to Phil­adelphia po­lice.

The shoot­ing oc­curred shortly after 5 p.m. at Stan’s Health Foods, 7161 Frank­ford Ave. Chief In­spect­or Scott Small said that the rob­ber entered the store, bran­dished a hunt­ing-style knife and jumped be­hind the cash­ier’s counter. The 46-year-old pro­pri­et­or was the only oth­er per­son in the shop.

“The sus­pect took the cash re­gister from the counter and threw it to the ground,” Small said. “When it opened up, he star­ted re­mov­ing the money. He stood up and put the knife to the 46-year-old fe­male’s chest. She pro­duced a hand­gun [and] fired a single shot, strik­ing him in the torso. He col­lapsed.”

As the rob­ber fell, he dropped his knife, a fold­ing mod­el with a six-inch blade, ac­cord­ing to Small. Yet, he was still clutch­ing a $100 bill in his left hand when po­lice found him on the floor be­hind the counter. The shop own­er, who re­portedly is a former cop, had called 911 after the shoot­ing. A po­lice of­ficer took the sus­pect to Aria Health-Tor­res­dale, where he died shortly after 6 p.m. Po­lice have not re­leased the names of the shop own­er or the al­leged rob­ber. Ac­quaunt­ances iden­ti­fied the shop own­er as Shar­on Doyle. De­tect­ives re­covered the cash re­gister, a “large amount” of cash, the knife and the gun from the store. ••

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