GWHS students arrested in school fight

Three George Wash­ing­ton High stu­dents have been ar­res­ted on as­sault charges re­lated to a June 2 fight. School Dis­trict Po­lice Sgt. Daryl Giles, one of the cops who broke up the brawl, later that day was found un­con­scious at the school and was taken to Holy Re­deem­er hos­pit­al in Mont­gomery County, where he was pro­nounced dead.

The cause of Giles’ death was heart dis­ease, ac­cord­ing to the Mont­gomery County cor­on­er.

Ar­res­ted were Carlito Wright, 18, of the 8400 block of Strahle Street; Im­praim Kojo, 18, of the 2000 block of Tom­lin­son Road; and a 17-year-old whose name was not re­leased be­cause he is a minor. They ini­tially were charged with res­ist­ing ar­rest and dis­orderly con­duct, but were re­arres­ted in their homes on June 12. They now are charged with simple as­sault, reck­lessly en­dan­ger­ing an­oth­er per­son, in­tent to com­mit ri­ot and oth­er crimes, po­lice said.

As far as the school dis­trict is con­cerned, the three could face sus­pen­sion up to ex­pul­sion, said spokes­man Fernando Gal­lard. Wright and the ju­ven­ile were seni­ors this year, he said, and Kojo was an 11th grader.

Gal­lard said two of the three were in­volved in a fight across the street from the school in Septem­ber. ••

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