Local funeral home to be featured on TV

Film crew iter­views Terry Vis­con­to at his fam­ily’s fu­ner­al home in Rhawn­hurst.

Terry Vis­con­to, who lives at his fam­ily’s fu­ner­al home in Rhawn­hurst, will be fea­tured in an up­com­ing epis­ode of You Live in What?

Vis­con­to lives at the Vis­con­to Fu­ner­al Home, at 2031 Vista St., on the cam­pus of Re­sur­rec­tion of Our Lord Par­ish. The build­ing is a former con­vent.

The show will air on the Great Amer­ic­an Coun­try cable net­work on Ju­ly 4 at 8 p.m. and Ju­ly 5 at mid­night and 1 p.m. GAC is on Com­cast chan­nel 147 and Ve­r­i­zon chan­nel 223. Sis­ters of St. Joseph nuns lived in the prop­erty from 1966 to 2000.  After that, the build­ing was used for meet­ings, stor­age, book sales and even a haunted house, but the par­ish could not af­ford to pay for util­ity bills and re­pairs.

The Rev. Joseph Howarth, the church pas­tor, sold the prop­erty to the Vis­con­tos in 2010. It has a private en­trance and a couple of park­ing spaces ad­ja­cent to the school yard.

Vis­con­to lives on the second floor. The fu­ner­al home is on the first floor.

The show was filmed in early 2013. Oth­er mem­bers of the Vis­con­to fam­ily took part in the film­ing.

You Live in What? de­b­uted in early 2012. The show fea­tures people liv­ing in un­likely places such as a train sta­tion, a barn, a fire­house, an ice cream fact­ory, a ra­dio sta­tion and a slaughter­house. ••

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