Mayfair soda machine blown to bits

A van­dal gave new mean­ing to the term “soda pop” last Thursday night as he al­legedly planted an ex­plos­ive in the dis­pens­ing slot of a May­fair Coke ma­chine, lead­ing to a blast that shattered the win­dows of a nearby busi­ness.

Phil­adelphia po­lice re­covered sur­veil­lance video of the ex­plo­sion but have yet to post it on their You­Tube chan­nel. They are at­tempt­ing to identi­fy the cul­prit. The fed­er­al Bur­eau of Al­co­hol To­bacco Fire­arms and Ex­plos­ives also is in­volved in the in­vest­ig­a­tion, ac­cord­ing to news re­ports.

The in­cid­ent oc­curred at about 10 p.m. on the 4200 block of Magee Ave. and in­volved a Coke ma­chine po­si­tioned out­side of Drain Sur­geons Plumb­ing & Heat­ing. The private sur­veil­lance video re­portedly showed a man ex­it­ing a car, pla­cing an ob­ject in­to the slot, and flee­ing the area. Minutes later, the ob­ject det­on­ated, launch­ing frag­ments dozens of feet while shat­ter­ing nearby win­dows.

“This is not van­dal­ism. This is det­on­a­tion of a dan­ger­ous ex­plos­ive device,” Chief In­spect­or Joe Sul­li­van told NBC10. “We’re con­cerned that he’s go­ing to go out and do this again. And the next time, some­body’s go­ing to get hurt.”

Po­lice did not spec­u­late on a motive pub­licly, al­though the ma­chine ap­peared op­er­at­ive and may have con­tained pro­ceeds from soda sales, along with stacks of thirst-quench­ing soft drinks. ••

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