Crooks take estimated $20,000 in copper

A crew of burg­lars turned an idle Holmes­burg ware­house in­to a met­al fact­ory that sup­plied them with tens of thou­sands of dol­lars in re­cyc­lable cop­per re­cently, po­lice say.

The crooks re­portedly spent sev­er­al weeks strip­ping plumb­ing and wir­ing from the 212,000-square-foot fa­cil­ity on the 7700 block of Ed­mund St. The site is along rail­road tracks about two blocks from the Holmes­burg sta­tion.

A prop­erty man­ager re­portedly no­ticed the first break-in on May 14, but did not no­ti­fy au­thor­it­ies. A win­dow had been breached, so it was boarded up. Burg­lars re­turned the fol­low­ing day and re­opened the boarded win­dow to ac­cess the site. Fi­nally, on June 3, work­ers found that the doors to the fa­cil­ity’s elec­tric sup­ply room had been forced open and the wir­ing stripped from its gen­er­at­ors.

With cop­per go­ing for about $3.50 a pound on the scrap mar­ket, the crooks re­portedly made off with about $20,000 in met­al. It might cost the busi­ness hun­dreds of thou­sands to re­pair the dam­age, ac­count­ing for sup­plies and labor.

Call North­east De­tect­ives at 215-686-3153 to re­port in­form­a­tion about the case. ••

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