Corbett criticizes Obama’s plan to combat global warming

Gov. Tom Corbett last week re­leased a state­ment cri­ti­ciz­ing Pres­id­ent Barack Obama’s pro­posed plan to com­bat glob­al warm­ing, con­tend­ing it will lead to a massive tax hike on the Pennsylvania coal in­dustry.

“Our state has come too far over the past four years to go back to these over­reach­ing tax-and-spend policies, and Pennsylvani­ans have my prom­ise that I will fight these reg­u­la­tions every step of the way,” he said.

Un­der Obama’s pro­pos­al, the amount of al­lowed emis­sions from power pro­du­cers is capped and they are re­quired to re­duce their emis­sions by 30 per­cent be­low 2005 levels. If a com­pany re­leases more than the al­lowed emis­sions, it could be forced to pur­chase costly emis­sions cred­its, in­stall ex­pens­ive up­grades, or in­stall a host of oth­er car­bon-re­du­cing meas­ures.

Corbett chal­lenged Demo­crat­ic op­pon­ent Tom Wolf to de­nounce the plan.

“Tom Wolf has a very clear choice here – he can con­tin­ue to side with Pres­id­ent Obama’s war on coal that will put Pennsylvani­ans out of work, or he can side with 62,000 Pennsylvani­ans em­ployed as a res­ult of our coal in­dustry,” he said.

Ac­cord­ing to a re­port re­leased by the U.S. Cham­ber of Com­merce, Obama’s pro­posed reg­u­la­tions will in­crease elec­tri­city costs in the United States by $17 bil­lion each year through 2030 and lead to the loss of 224,200 jobs per year.


Mean­while, Boil­er­makers Loc­al 154 en­dorsed Corbett.

“Since tak­ing of­fice, Gov. Tom Corbett has kept his prom­ise to fight for Pennsylvania jobs, mak­ing our com­mon­wealth stronger and more pros­per­ous for our mem­bers, their fam­il­ies and all Pennsylvani­ans,” said busi­ness man­ager Ray­mond Ventrone.

Corbett also has the back­ing of the Laborers’ Dis­trict Coun­cil of West­ern Pennsylvania.


In oth­er cam­paign news, Texas Gov. Rick Perry en­dorsed Corbett, cit­ing the 150,000-plus private sec­tor jobs cre­ated since Corbett took of­fice in 2011.

“Gov. Corbett has re­stored fisc­al re­spons­ib­il­ity to gov­ern­ment, he’s elim­in­ated bil­lion-dol­lar de­fi­cits and cre­ated a busi­ness-friendly en­vir­on­ment that has al­lowed the private sec­tor to cre­ate 150,000 jobs,” Perry said.


Joe De­Fe­lice, ex­ec­ut­ive dir­ect­or of the Phil­adelphia Re­pub­lic­an Party, is cri­ti­ciz­ing Tom Wolf, the Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate for gov­ernor, for vis­it­ing a closed-door meet­ing of City Coun­cil to seek cam­paign sup­port.

Coun­cil Pres­id­ent Dar­rell Clarke main­tained the meet­ing was not a vi­ol­a­tion of the Sun­shine Law, which pro­hib­its a quor­um of mem­bers of a pub­lic body from con­duct­ing busi­ness in private.

De­Fe­lice poin­ted to a Phil­adelphia Daily News art­icle that said, “So it wasn’t a Sun­shine Act vi­ol­a­tion. It was politick­ing in a pub­lic build­ing.”

De­Fe­lice also noted the $500 fine that the Eth­ics Board im­posed on city elec­tions com­mis­sion­er Stephanie Sing­er. 

The com­mis­sion­er asked an em­ploy­ee to or­gan­ize elec­tion res­ults that she pos­ted to a per­son­al cam­paign web­site and an­oth­er site that has a link to donate to her cam­paign.

“Just an­oth­er week with the Demo­crats in City Hall,” De­Fe­lice said. ••

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