Kiwanis Club presents scholarships

Quite an hon­or: Pic­tured are (from left) Kiwanis sec­ret­ary Frank Oldt, Amy Keever, Dorothy Del­er­me, Jes­sica Bre­un­ing, Kiwanis past pres­id­ent Bill Mark­ert.

The Kiwanis Club of Phil-Mont re­cently presen­ted schol­ar­ship awards to four loc­al col­lege stu­dents and a re­cently gradu­ated high school seni­or.

The awards din­ner took place on June 18 at Randi’s Res­taur­ant and Bar, 1619 Grant Ave. in Bustleton.

The 10th an­nu­al An­thony M. Leto Com­munity Ser­vice Award went to Dorothy Del­er­me, a Lawndale res­id­ent who gradu­ated on June 2 from Bish­op McDe­vitt High School. Dorothy will at­tend La Salle Uni­versity.

The com­munity ser­vice award is named in memory of Tony Leto, a busi­ness­man and Kiwanis pres­id­ent who died sud­denly in 2004 on his 40th birth­day.

The Wal­ter Gim­bel Sr. Schol­ar­ship Award, named in memory of a long­time Kiwanis mem­ber and past pres­id­ent, was presen­ted to four cur­rent col­lege stu­dents.

Jes­sica Bre­un­ing, a 2013 St. Hubert gradu­ate, just com­pleted her fresh­man year at Cab­rini Col­lege. She ma­jors in graph­ic design. She plays on the soc­cer and lacrosse teams that won the Co­lo­ni­al States Ath­let­ic Con­fer­ence cham­pi­on­ships. She earned all-aca­dem­ic hon­ors. She is spend­ing the sum­mer work­ing at a camp in Port Rich­mond and play­ing soc­cer and teach­ing at a clin­ic for a week in Por­tugal.

Amy Keever earned a schol­ar­ship for the fourth year in a row. She’s a St. Wil­li­am Ele­ment­ary School and Bish­op McDe­vitt gradu­ate who just fin­ished her third year at Drexel Uni­versity. She ma­jors in ac­count­ing.

Marissa Ru­bin is a three-time schol­ar­ship win­ner. A 2012 North­east High School gradu­ate, she is an an­thro­po­logy and pub­lic health ma­jor at Temple, where she re­ceives hon­ors. She wants to teach pre­vent­at­ive medi­cine in poor coun­tries. She was un­able to at­tend the din­ner, as she was in Is­rael re­search­ing her her­it­age.

Mary Radziszewski is also a three-time schol­ar­ship awardee. A 2012 Arch­bish­op Ry­an gradu­ate who stud­ies at De­Sales Uni­versity, she was un­able to at­tend be­cause she was at a play re­hears­al.

The schol­ar­ship fund and awards din­ner are co­ordin­ated by Kiwanis of­fi­cials Kathy Mc­Donough, Bill Mark­ert and Frank Oldt. ••

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