Letters to the Editor: July 30, 2014

Thanks, Streets Dept.

We of­ten hear com­plaints about city ser­vices. But, this time, the Streets De­part­ment did an ex­cel­lent job re­pav­ing the Krewstown Road Bridge over Pennypack Creek.

As Demo­crat com­mit­tee­man for the ad­ja­cent neigh­bor­hood, I began call­ing about the sig­ni­fic­ant bumps and potholes, grinds and im­per­fec­tions sev­er­al months ago.

Last winter it got worse. The potholes were bru­tal. I called in Feb­ru­ary and again in April and June. Work began shortly there­after.

There were keys in get­ting res­ults, the three P’s: Pa­tience; Per­sist­ence; Po­lite­ness. 

Job well done!  

Now it’s our re­spons­ib­il­ity to stay off the yel­low line and stay close to the speed lim­it.

Myles Gor­don


Ci­gar­ette tax is un­fair

This ci­gar­ette tax is a bunch of bull. My fath­er was a Phil­adelphia fire­fight­er and my moth­er worked dif­fer­ent jobs their whole life to put six chil­dren through Cath­ol­ic grade school and high school. Now, my wife and I are do­ing the same for two chil­dren and it is a struggle.

Why should I, as a smoker, who pays city wage, real es­tate, So­cial Se­cur­ity, fed­er­al taxes, etc. have to bail out the pub­lic school sys­tem again? We work too hard every day to try to stay afloat and I feel like we are go­ing back­wards.  

If you want to gen­er­ate funds, tax something that af­fects every­one. Don’t just pen­al­ize smokers. They preach, “don’t smoke”, but the taxes that ci­gar­ettes gen­er­ate is in the bil­lions. 

The pub­lic school sys­tem is in such dis­ar­ray that it will burn through this money and need more. Why not put a sur­charge on stu­dents who at­tend the sys­tem like we do every­where else. It is al­ways the people who work and try to get ahead that get screwed.  

Leave us alone and stay out of our pock­ets.

Bill Serody


City should not be sanc­tu­ary

A few weeks ago, a wo­man was re­peatedly raped at knife­point in Cen­ter City. The al­leged rap­ist was an il­leg­al ali­en from Hon­dur­as who had been de­por­ted in 2013. Ap­par­ently, he came right back again. That’s a crit­ic­al fact. Shouldn’t the me­dia (and we) ask why this happened?

The me­dia re­sponse has largely been — si­lence.

The may­or and many in City Coun­cil have de­clared Phil­adelphia a “sanc­tu­ary city” for il­leg­als. 

The may­or has also stated such il­leg­als will not be turned over to Im­mig­ra­tion Ser­vices for less­er of­fenses. What type of sig­nal does this send? If you have a crim­in­al past, come here and blend right in an­onym­ously. A sex-of­fend­er his­tory will evap­or­ate. I doubt any­one even knows how many il­leg­als with com­puls­ive crim­in­al back­grounds live here. Doesn’t this put us all at risk?

Isn’t it about time to re­con­sider the sanc­tu­ary city policy? And when will those of­fi­cials who sup­port such a mis­guided policy step up and take some re­spons­ib­il­ity for this vi­cious crime?

Richard Iac­on­elli


Teach­er fraud tri­angle

Some teach­ers have been and will be charged with stu­dent test­ing fraud. If you look at the com­pon­ents of the “Fraud Tri­angle,” they are pres­sure, op­por­tun­ity and ra­tion­al­iz­a­tion. Didn’t some teach­ers feel the “pres­sure” and were provided the “op­por­tun­ity” by the prin­cipals to aid in the cheat­ing scan­dal at their schools? 

Didn’t the teach­ers “ra­tion­al­ize” that if they didn’t com­ply, their ca­reers would be in jeop­ardy?

The SRC wants prin­cipals to have more autonomy over the uni­on­ized teach­ers. They don’t want to be sub­jec­ted to uni­on-con­trac­ted seni­or­ity rules. What is wrong with this pic­ture?

May­er Krain

Mod­ena Park

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