Calamari Sisters cook up musical show at Riverside

The Cala­mari Sis­ters

Failed dishes and food fights are fea­tured in this live ”broad­cast” of a pub­lic ac­cess cable cook­ing show hos­ted by Del­phine and Car­mela Cala­mari.

Cook­ing With The Cala­mari Sis­ters runs Ju­ly 30 to Aug. 3 at Bris­tol River­side Theatre.

The two lar­ger-than-life sis­ters sing and dance to some of their Itali­an fa­vor­ites like Volare, Come On A My House, That’s Amore, Mambo Itali­ano and oth­ers. And, of course, they’ll cook some of their fa­vor­ite foods as they in­vite audi­ence mem­bers to join them up on stage in their many mo­ments of may­hem.

The “girls” grew up in Bay Ridge, Brook­lyn, and learned to cook from their grandma Min­es­trone.

“We still live in the same house,” Del­phine tells us. “Grandma left it to us after she passed. Well, we were al­ways singing and dan­cing and cook­ing, so that’s about the time we figured, why not do our own cook­ing show?”

So that’s ex­actly what they did.

“We com­bined our love of cook­ing and per­form­ing and came up with this show and oth­ers we’ve done throughout the year. But this one is the ori­gin­al,” said Del­phine, the eld­er sis­ter, who hes­it­ates to give her age.

“You know you’re not sup­posed to ask a lady her age,” she scolds. ‘But I will tell you that I’m un­der 40 and so is Car­mela.”

The sis­ters, who sup­posedly get along very well with an oc­ca­sion­al squabble that can of­ten be wit­nessed on stage, put this show to­geth­er in 2009 and since then, said Del­phine, have per­formed it more than 1,000 times.

“And even though we may quar­rel from time to time, at the end of the day we have the best time work­ing to­geth­er. We are best friends in every way, and there’s no one else I’d rather be with, and I know Car­mela feels the same way.”

On stage, the great time they are hav­ing shows as they cook pasta and their sig­na­ture dish, chick­en a la cala­mari. And even if the pasta sauce flies all over the place, they and their audi­ence still seem to have a great time.

“In fact, my greatest joy is look­ing out at the audi­ence and see­ing them rub­bing their cheeks and jaws be­cause they’ve been laugh­ing so much,” Del­phine said. “It’s also great when they come up to us after the show to tell us how much we helped them get through some dark times in their lives. Some­times, we all end up cry­ing. Thank good­ness for wa­ter­proof makeup.”

But some of the chal­lenges they face while trav­el­ing and per­form­ing linger.

“For in­stance, when we have to travel by pub­lic trans­port­a­tion, the seats are too small. And some­times on the road, when the sign says all-you-can-eat buf­fet, they lie if you ac­tu­ally try to do that.

“And, some­times, people are just plain jeal­ous of us, like that Ra­chael Ray,“ Del­phine con­tin­ued. “People should just ac­cept their lim­it­a­tions. She’ll nev­er be like us, but she’s got a good thing go­ing.”

The Cala­mari Sis­ters are the brainchild of James Falzone (who plays Del­phine), Dan Lav­ender (who is Car­mela) and Steph­en Smith. But don’t tell any­one! ••

For times and tick­et in­form­a­tion, call 215-785-0100.

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