NE man who allegedly worked death camp released on bail

An ail­ing eld­erly North­east man who al­legedly worked in the Aus-chwitz death camp dur-ing World War II was re­leased on $100,000 fed­er­al bail Monday. Also, Jo­hann Brey­er’s Ju­ly 24 hear­ing to de­cide a Ger­man ex­tra­di­tion re­quest was can­celed.

In a Ju­ly 21 or­der, U.S. Ma­gis­trate Judge Timothy R. Rice said he will de­cide if Brey­er will be turned over to Ger­man au­thor­it­ies based on the writ­ten sub­mis­sions of coun­sel. Phil­adelphia broad­cast out­lets re­por­ted Brey­er, who is in fail­ing health, was hos­pit­al­ized over the week­end.

Brey­er, of the 9400 block of Wood­bridge Road, was ar-res-ted by fed-er-al au-thor-it-ies in mid-June on a re-quest for his ex-tra-di-tion to Ger-many. Ac-cord-ing to the U.S. At-tor-ney’s Phil-ad­elphia of-fice, a Ger-man court last year is-sued a war-rant for the ar-rest of Brey-er, also known as John Brey-er, in which he was charged with com-pli-city in the com-mis-sion of 158 counts of murder at the Aus-chwitz II-Birkenau camp in Ger-man-oc-cu-pied Po-land.

Brey-er’s ex-tra-di-tion must be ap-proved by a fed-er-al judge. Ac-cord-ing to the U.S. At-tor-ney’s of-fice, Ger-man au-thor-it-ies ac-cused Brey-er of com-pli-city in the murders of 158 train-loads of European Jew-ish de-portees.

Rice ordered Brey­er to sur­render his pass­port and fire­arms, and that he is to live in his per­son­al res­id­ence or at “a suit­able med­ic­al or re­hab­il­it­a­tion fa­cil­ity.” ••

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