Firehouse at Bustleton and Bowler to reopen

The fire­house at Bustleton Av­en­ue and Bowl­er Street that has been closed for renov­a­tions since winter is re­open­ing.

En­gine 62, Lad­der 34 and Med­ic 6 are mov­ing back to the build­ing they share with the 7th Po­lice Dis­trict, Re­gion­al Op­er­a­tions Com­mand North and one of City Coun­cil­man Bri­an O’Neill’s dis­trict of­fices.

The fire­house was closed so the ap­par­at­us floor could be re­placed. The job was sup­posed to take six to eight weeks, but things got com­plic­ated when a sub­floor was dis­covered. It was thought an­oth­er month would be ad­ded to the job, but more time was needed be­cause even more struc­tur­al prob­lems were found un­der the floor.

While out of their house, En­gine 62 fire­fight­ers were loc­ated at En­gine Com­pany 18’s house at 8205 Roosevelt Blvd. Lad­der 34’s and Med­ic 6’s per­son­nel were sta­tioned with En­gine 58 at 812 Hendrix St.

En­gine 62 and Med­ic 6 moved back in on June 28. The lad­der com­pany will re­turn Ju­ly 8 after the new con­crete floor com­pletely cures.

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