Flower Show needs social media host

The Phil­adelphia Flower Show this year will cre­ate an in­ter­act­ive hub called the Green Room. On­line and in per­son, the Green Room will be the hub for all Flower Show buzz — the cen­ter of at­ten­tion of broad­casts and out­reach of our me­dia part­ners. 

The Pennsylvania Hor­ti­cul­tur­al So­ci­ety is search­ing for a lar­ger-than-life per­son­al­ity to jump-start the Flower Show so­cial me­dia and be the first-ever Green Room host.

PHS is look­ing for a dy­nam­ic ex­tro­vert with en­ergy, an on-air per­son­al­ity and so­cial me­dia savvy to work the cam­era and in­ter­view Flower Show VI­Ps, in­ter­act with vis­it­ors, and share be­hind-the-scenes stor­ies with on-site and at-home audi­ences.

If you want to ap­ply, sub­mit a You­Tube or Vine video show­cas­ing your im­press­ive, cre­at­ive and en­ga­ging per­son­al­ity. Videos should be no longer than two minutes and must be sub­mit­ted by end of day on Feb. 4. Your sub­mis­sion video will be shared on the PHS Face­book page, where the world will help de­cide if you have what it takes. Sub­mit your video at www.face­book.com/the­flower­show.

Build your fan base. Use the power of so­cial me­dia to let the world know you should be the first Green Room host. The more likes and shares you re­ceive, the bet­ter your chances. Have your par­ents, pro­fess­ors, and part­ners tell us why you’d make the best Green Room host.

Five fi­nal­ists will be se­lec­ted from the ap­plic­ant pool on Feb. 10. Those lucky people will par­ti­cip­ate in an in-per­son au­di­tion on Feb. 12. You must be avail­able for this round. 

The win­ner will be an­nounced on Feb. 13.

For more in­form­a­tion on the Green Room and the host au­di­tions, con­tact Dan Moise, PHS So­cial Me­dia Man­ager, at 215-988-8871 or dmoise@pen­nhort.org. ••

You can reach at noreply@bsmphilly.com.

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