Police looking for Mayfair flasher

Po­lice are hop­ing to catch a bizarre flash­er who’s been haunt­ing Frank­ford Av­en­ue at night, ask­ing wo­men to per­form sexu­al acts on him with a slice of Swiss.

But al­though the “May­fair Swiss Cheese Per­vert” has be­come something of an In­ter­net sen­sa­tion, so far, nobody has ac­tu­ally re­por­ted him to the cops.

And that’s got to change, said Lt. An­thony Mc­Fad­den of the Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit, so po­lice can catch him and “get him the help he needs.”

SVU de­tect­ives first got word through so­cial me­dia sites that there was a guy driv­ing around May­fair, ex­pos­ing him­self and so­li­cit­ing wo­men to join a three­some that in­volved cheese.

“But we don’t have a vic­tim or a com­plain­ant yet on pa­per,” Mc­Fad­den said Monday morn­ing. “It’s all third-party right now. … It’s all over the In­ter­net … it’s a vir­al wind­storm.”

People might think this man’s per­ver­sion is amus­ing, but there’s a po­ten­tial for danger, the lieu­ten­ant said.

This is more than just in­de­cent ex­pos­ure, he said.

“Once he gets someone’s at­ten­tion,” Mc­Fad­den said, “he fol­lows them.”

“This guy has some ma­jor is­sues,” Mc­Fad­den said. “This has the po­ten­tial of go­ing to the next step … He might be­come more phys­ic­al or threat­en­ing.”

The de­scrip­tion found on the May­fair Town Watch site is that of a portly, bald­ing white man who drives a black sedan, Mc­Fad­den said.

Any­one who has seen this man ap­proach any­one or has been ap­proached should call Mc­Fad­den at 215-685-3251.

“We need people to come in and help us get this guy off the streets,” the lieu­ten­ant said.

Mc­Fad­den said SVU de­tect­ives have come across dif­fer­ent kinds of fet­ishes, but, “This will be the first time for all of us that some­body used Swiss cheese.” ••

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