Letters to the Editor: February 26, 2014

Phil­adelphia needs a change

One year from now, Phil­adelphia will be im­mersed in a heated May­or­al elec­tion. Re­cently, many people have been ad­voc­at­ing a fe­male may­or. Terry Gil­len has been men­tioned as a pos­sible can­did­ate. An­oth­er fe­male with gov­ern­ment ex­per­i­ence is Coun­cil­wo­man Blondell Reyn­olds Brown, who has served in City Coun­cil for sev­er­al terms. She has re­cently looked at why fe­males have not moved up the cor­por­ate lad­der in re­la­tion to their male col­leagues. Some fe­males are still paid less than their male coun­ter­parts in identic­al jobs and this is im­mor­al and il­leg­al.

But, quite frankly, I think most Phil­adelphi­ans would vote for and sup­port a Mar­tian if he/she would be hon­est and run our city prop­erly. Phil­adelphi­ans don’t ask for too much. We need someone who is hon­est; will re­duce murder and all crime by 70 per­cent, bring qual­ity, high-pay­ing jobs to the city and re­tain those that are here. We need someone who will stop real es­tate tax in­creases, at­tack cor­rup­tion and stop ab­us­ing the cit­izens of our city with polit­ic­al rhet­or­ic.

I was born in Phil­adelphia in 1961, have lived here all my life and will prob­ably die here. It’s time we all get a break from our next may­or and City Coun­cil so we can live in peace the brief time we spend on earth, which is the greatest gift of all.

A ma­jor­ity of Phil­adelphi­ans couldn’t care less what the gender, sexu­al pref­er­ence, re­li­gion, eth­nic back­ground or race is of our next may­or. But we all must de­mand someone who can re­verse the 30-year de­cline in our neigh­bor­hoods and busi­ness com­munity. 

After re­turn­ing to Brook­lyn after many years, the late Penn State Coach, Joe Pa­ter­no said, “We can­not per­mit people to con­tin­ue to live like this,” re­fer­ring to the poor con­di­tions. So, if you’re out there, please come for­ward and please help Phil­adelphia!

Myles Gor­don


Build­ing fire is a dis­grace

There are days lately that I am frankly ashamed to say I’m a Phil­adelphi­an. First, the build­ing col­lapse fiasco where the only people be­ing pun­ished are the guys at the bot­tom of the food chain, and now the build­ing fire where two fire­men per­ished. No one is be­ing held ac­count­able for his or her ac­tions (or in­ac­tions).  

It’s easy to place the blame for both these tra­gedies on L&I and its (non-ex­ist­ent) lead­er­ship, but the re­spons­ib­il­ity doesn’t end there. The fact is, the ma­jor of­fend­ers in both cases are the build­ing own­ers, and if they can’t be held re­spons­ible crim­in­ally they should be made to pay in civil suits. Money is the only thing that mat­ters to these people and if the fam­il­ies of the two fallen fire­fight­ers have not yet star­ted leg­al ac­tion, then they should at once.  

On top of that, all these new de­part­ments the may­or has es­tab­lished should start do­ing their jobs and en­force build­ing codes and col­lect back taxes. Make it as dif­fi­cult as pos­sible for these ab­sent­ee own­ers to ex­ist in Phil­adelphia.  

Take heed Phil­adelphi­ans, we must keep the pres­sure on our elec­ted rep­res­ent­at­ives to do their jobs and pro­tect us all.

Joe Oren­stein


Break the si­lence in Philly

Thank you for print­ing the story about Pres­id­ent Obama’s nom­in­a­tion of Debo Ad­e­g­bile to head the Justice De­part­ment’s Civil Right’s Di­vi­sion. It was Ad­e­g­bile and the NAACP Leg­al De­fense Fund that joined con­victed cop killer Abu-Jamal’s case, and helped get his death sen­tence over­turned in 2012.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Phil­adelphia Dis­trict At­tor­ney Seth Wil­li­ams for break­ing with his Demo­crat­ic col­leagues and dar­ing to speak out against this ul­ti­mate adding of in­sult to in­jury. Sen. Ca­sey, will you join your fel­low sen­at­or from Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, on this is­sue? Com­mis­sion­er Ram­sey, since you al­ways call a press con­fer­ence whenev­er there is a mass shoot­ing, will you call one now in memory of the murdered po­lice of­ficer? May­or Nut­ter, since you joined the anti-gun May­ors Against Guns, will you now cre­ate an anti-crim­in­al May­ors Against Crime? 

Gen­tle­men, your si­lence is deaf­en­ing!

Leo Iwaskiw


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