Assessments keep you organized

It’s a good idea to as­sess and re­fresh your life.

No mat­ter what your age, “take stock” at least once a year.


An an­nu­al as­sess­ment gives you a chance to keep your life fresh and al­lows you to be open to new op­por­tun­it­ies and pos­sib­il­it­ies.     

Take stock of your be­long­ings.

In­vent­ory your per­son­al be­long­ings — from the items in your kit­chen cab­in­ets to the clothes in your closets.

Ask your­self what still has a use­ful pur­pose in your life.

Rule of thumb: If you haven’t used or worn it in the past two years, it just might be time for it to go.

Take stock of your time.

Look at your activ­it­ies, your re­la­tion­ships, your re­spons­ib­il­it­ies and, above all, the com­mit­ments that are filling up your time.

Give ser­i­ous thought to where and what you want to fo­cus your time on go­ing for­ward.

Take stock of your life.

Are you liv­ing the life you al­ways wanted?

Is any­one, or any­thing, hold­ing you back from liv­ing your life to the fullest?

Do a self-eval­u­ation and de­cide what changes, if any, you need to live your life as fully and com­pletely as pos­sible.


Here are five keys to aging well:

• Be­lieve that grow­ing older is a value-ad­ded pro­cess. Be­come MORE with each passing year.

• Place a bal­anced fo­cus on phys­ic­al fit­ness (move it), men­tal fit­ness (stim­u­late it) and en­gage­ment in life (en­joy it).

• Grow older with a cre­at­ive view­point. By do­ing this, you’ll add pas­sion, rich­ness and an ex­pans­ive qual­ity to your years.

• Dare to do new things! It is new ex­per­i­ences that will broaden your ho­ri­zon and keep your mind and spir­it limber and act­ive.

• Wisely choose your at­ti­tude as you jour­ney through life. You re­tain con­trol over this no mat­ter what hap­pens or how old you are. “At­ti­tude is everything — so pick a good one!”


You should clear the clut­ter in your life.

Keep in mind how good you will feel when this job is done and you have a new, clut­ter-free space in your home and your life.   

If you’re a pack rat, get ready for some hard-labor sort­ing and clear­ing.

Look at clear­ing your house as a gift to your­self.

Keep in mind that giv­ing away gifts doesn’t mean you are be­tray­ing the gift-giver. Once a gift is giv­en, you are free to do with it what you choose.

Re­mem­ber that when all is said and done, you are not tak­ing any of this stuff with you when you leave this world. ••

Sue Ronnen­kamp is cor­por­ate dir­ect­or of com­munity life at Wes­ley En­hanced Liv­ing.

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