Letters to the Editor: February 12, 2014

Who is your fa­vor­ite pres­id­ent and why?

This month, to com­mem­or­ate Pres­id­ent’s Day, my of­fice will be­gin our 2nd an­nu­al Pres­id­ents Day Es­say con­test. We will be ac­cept­ing es­says from stu­dents in 4th and 5th grade that either at­tend a school or reside in the 170th Le­gis­lat­ive Dis­trict. I want to hear who their fa­vor­ite pres­id­ent is and why.

The study of our na­tion’s his­tory is per­haps one of the most un­der­ap­pre­ci­ated fo­cuses in our stu­dents’ edu­ca­tion. While not tak­ing away from math and sci­ence, we must make sure that fu­ture gen­er­a­tions are aware of the stor­ies and struggles that built this na­tion.

This is an op­por­tun­ity for stu­dents throughout North­east Phil­adelphia to flex their in­tel­lec­tu­al muscles and im­merse them­selves in our his­tory.

The win­ner in each cat­egory will re­ceive a Visa gift card and a cita­tion from the Pennsylvania House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives. The run­ners-up for each cat­egory will re­ceive a House of Rep­res­ent­at­ives Achieve­ment Cer­ti­fic­ate. I plan to per­son­ally present the win­ners their awards with­in their class.

Stu­dents can sub­mit their 300-word es­say to 14230 Bustleton Av­en­ue, or email it to dlod­ise@pa­house.net. The dead­line for sub­mis­sion is Wed­nes­day, March 5.

Stu­dents should make sure to in­clude their name, school, and grade. Teach­ers can reach out to my of­fice with any ques­tions.

Hope­fully this op­por­tun­ity sparks stu­dents’ in­terest in our na­tion’s his­tory. Un­der­stand­ing the les­sons of some of the great men who served as pres­id­ent of the United States is one of the greatest re­sources young people can have.

As al­ways if my of­fice can be of any ser­vice to you please feel free to reach out to us at 215-676-0300.

State Rep­res­ent­at­ive Brendan F. Boyle 

Brendan F. Boyle is the State Rep­res­ent­at­ive for the 170th le­gis­lat­ive dis­trict in North­east Phil­adelphia and Mont­gomery County. He was elec­ted in 2008 and is cur­rently serving his 3rd term in of­fice. 

Shame on you, May­fair

I would like to thank the cheap and heart­less neigh­bors of the 3100 blocks of Dis­ston, Long­shore and Glen­view streets, for com­pletely snub­bing my 13-year-old every month when she has to col­lect for the North­east Times. She is out there de­liv­er­ing pa­pers in the rain, snow, heat, sleet and on the hol­i­days. 

She gets paid $6 a week, and counts on tips. Out of 164 houses she de­liv­ers to, only 24 houses give her a dime. We try to in­still work eth­ic and mor­als so she can value what she has, and to see the em­bar­rass­ment on her face every month when she knocks on your door and asks for a measly dol­lar, and you say no, has made me not only lose faith in hu­man­ity, but in this neigh­bor­hood. 

So again, I would like to thank you. Thank you for show­ing my daugh­ter that work­ing to earn things does not pay off. Thank you for not giv­ing her the time of day and look­ing in your pock­et for one dol­lar. You should be ab­so­lutely ashamed of yourselves. And might I add, even if you do not want or read the pa­per, give a kid try­ing to make an ex­tra buck a dol­lar. Give her cred­it for try­ing to be pro­duct­ive and stay­ing out of trouble.

Kath­leen From­hold


Sup­port group wanted

Feb­ru­ary is “heart” month. Heart dis­ease is the lead­ing killer of Amer­ic­ans, and more than 1 mil­lion people have a heart at­tack each year. NE Philly has a lot of older cit­izens with heart dis­ease. I have been try­ing for a long time to cre­ate a heart dis­ease sup­port group in NE Philly, with little suc­cess. 

The Amer­ic­an Heart As­so­ci­ation couldn’t find a single group in my area. Heart dis­ease is of­ten dis­abling and costs bil­lions each year to treat. Sup­port groups can im­prove both health and at­ti­tude through shar­ing of in­form­a­tion, ex­per­i­ence and en­cour­age­ment. It’s a win-win for both pa­tients and so­ci­ety. 

Why can’t we find a few thou­sand dol­lars to cre­ate a North­east Philly sup­port group for Amer­ica’s greatest health threat? Talk about mis­placed pri­or­it­ies. If any­one is in­volved with a heart dis­ease sup­port group, or wants to help cre­ate one, con­tact me at post_rich@ya­hoo.com.

Richard Iac­on­elli


You can reach at .

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