Letters to the Editor: August 20, 2014

Teach gun safety, PPD

The SWAT team of the Phil­adelphia po­lice re­peatedly placed auto­mat­ic weapons in the hands of chil­dren for photo op­por­tun­it­ies at the Fox Chase Na­tion­al Night Out on Aug. 5. 

Yet, no words of cau­tion or ad­vice on gun safety were provided. Nev­er once did I hear them say words of safety and cau­tion such as, “This is not a toy,” “Nev­er point it at an­oth­er per­son,” or “If your friend shows you something like this, tell an adult.” 

There was no lit­er­at­ure about gun safety be­ing provided. I did not ob­serve any ef­fort to edu­cate par­ents about gun safety in their homes. This is in­ap­pro­pri­ate and very scary. Please stop it! 

I spoke to both of the of­ficers, but they did not seem to be tak­ing my con­cerns very ser­i­ously.

I provided the names and badge num­bers of both the of­ficers in­volved to Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Ram­sey and to SWAT Capt. Win­ton Singleton along with pho­tos, but have got­ten no re­sponse from either of them. 

I have great re­spect for the Phil­adelphia po­lice and the many ded­ic­ated people in blue who work to keep our com­munit­ies safe.

But this is not an ap­pro­pri­ate use of our tax dol­lars or of po­lice re­sources. No one should arm chil­dren with a play­ful idea about auto­mat­ic weapons.

Mari­on Brown

Fox Chase

End at­tack cam­paigns

Sum­mer is com­ing to a close, but the polit­ic­al com­mer­cials are gal­lop­ing ahead. It is a shame that the gov­ernor and his op­pon­ent have to re­sort to neg­at­ive tac­tics to get the voters’ at­ten­tion. 

One of the com­mer­cials shows that Tom Wolf made polit­ic­al de­cisions that were not good for the people. An­oth­er in­dic­ated that the act­ress in one of the com­mer­cials is mak­ing state­ments that are lies.

Wouldn’t be nov­el to hear a com­mer­cial that tells people what the gov­ernor, as well as his op­pon­ent, are go­ing to do to be­ne­fit the state of Pennsylvania? 

There is a quote that states, “Do un­to oth­ers as you would have them do un­to you.” Both can­did­ates should put this to the test. Pos­sibly, this would cre­ate a high­er voter turnout in Novem­ber.

Mar­ie Pat­ton

Fox Chase

Thanks, NE Phil­adelphia

I am writ­ing to say thank you to all of the youth car­ri­ers that I su­per­vised in May­fair and Lex­ing­ton Park for the ex­cel­lent ser­vice that every one of you so di­li­gently provided to your cus­tom­ers in all kinds of weath­er. 

I would also like to thank all of the cus­tom­ers who were so kind to these same car­ri­ers when they came to col­lect each month for the ser­vice they provided, which has now come to an end. As a car­ri­er and dis­trict man­ager who worked for the North­east Times for 32 years, it provided me with an op­por­tun­ity to in­ter­act with not only the youth car­ri­ers that I hired, but also their par­ents, who were al­ways very sup­port­ive. 

I would like to thank the North­east Times for the op­por­tun­ity to be a part of their com­pany. To all of my cus­tom­ers, store own­ers, car­ri­ers, par­ents and cowork­ers that I got to know over the years, it was a pleas­ure work­ing with all of you.

Theresa McMul­lin


Ed­it­or’s note: Last month, the North­east Times switched dis­tri­bu­tion com­pan­ies. The pa­per is now de­livered by Don­nelly Dis­tri­bu­tion.

A look at polit­ics, val­ues

When I held the po­s­i­tion of FOP pres­id­ent for Lodge 5, the people in St. Denis, France, named a street after the mur­der­er of Danny Faulkner. We couldn’t be­lieve that they would do that; it was like nam­ing a street after Charlie Man­son. So we took our plea to Wash­ing­ton to sanc­tion the French city. 

Now comes the part that shows you who has the cour­age to stand up to the en­tire Con­gress for what is right. It’s not al­ways polit­ics that mat­ter. It’s val­ues. 

The people who stood up and test­i­fied were Allyson Schwartz and Mike Fitzpatrick. As you prob­ably no­ticed one was a Demo­crat and one a Re­pub­lic­an. These two people will al­ways have my re­spect and sup­port. 

Bobby Ed­dis

Mod­ena Park

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