Man held captive, forcibly tattooed in Mayfair home

  • David Thomas

  • Jennifer Pratt

  • Sandra Ng

  • Corry Campbell

Po­lice be­lieve that a dis­pute over an in­jured pet led four people to treat a May­fair man worse than an an­im­al in­side the base­ment apart­ment that he shared with three of his al­leged at­tack­ers.

Two men and two wo­men im­prisoned the 52-year-old vic­tim for 42 hours, held him down, beat him and marked his arms with about a dozen ra­cist and sexu­ally ex­pli­cit tat­toos, ac­cord­ing to Lt. Den­nis Rosen­baum of North­east De­tect­ives.

“Sup­posedly, it’s over an in­jured cat,” Rosen­baum said. “They thought [the vic­tim] might have broken the cat’s leg. That’s how they star­ted hold­ing him down and beat­ing him.”

The vic­tim’s or­deal began at about 3 p.m. on March 30 on the 3100 block of Brighton St. and con­tin­ued un­til about 9 a.m. on April 1, when the al­leged captors fell asleep, al­low­ing the man to flee and no­ti­fy po­lice.

The new tat­toos covered both of the man’s arms, from wrist to el­bow, and in­cluded ra­cially in­flam­mat­ory words as well as Nazi sym­bols and de­pic­tions of male gen­italia. 

“It prob­ably took them hours to do that. It wasn’t [done in] an hour,” Rosen­baum said.

The vic­tim also had severely bruised and swollen hands, black eyes and bruis­ing of the legs, ribs and torso when he flagged down patrol cops in the street. The of­ficers went to the house, found the al­leged at­tack­ers sleep­ing and ar­res­ted them. The vic­tim was taken to Aria Health’s Tor­res­dale Cam­pus for treat­ment.

Dur­ing a sub­sequent search of the house, po­lice al­legedly found a tat­too sta­tion with a tat­too gun, needles, ink vi­als and re­lated paraphernalia. Search­ers also found 155 grams of marijuana, sev­er­al bottles of pre­scrip­tion drugs and the vic­tim’s deb­it card, which he claims had been stolen from him, po­lice said.

Corry Camp­bell, 20; Sandra Ng, 19; Jen­nifer Pratt, 29; and Dav­id Thomas, 27; were all charged with ag­grav­ated as­sault, reck­less en­dan­ger­ment, kid­nap­ping, rob­bery, con­spir­acy and re­lated crimes. Camp­bell (who is also known by the name “Corey”), Ng and Pratt all list the same row­house as their home ad­dress, while Thomas is a res­id­ent of the 9300 block of Jam­is­on Ave. in Bustleton. Ac­cord­ing to Rosen­baum, Camp­bell’s moth­er lives on the first and second floors of the house, while four people in­clud­ing the vic­tim lived in the cramped base­ment, which had one bed, a sofa, a re­fri­ger­at­or and a mi­crowave oven.

The prop­erty is very fa­mil­i­ar to po­lice, who have vis­ited it about 20 times fol­low­ing com­plaints by neigh­bors of dis­orderly con­duct, scream­ing and fights there, Rosen­baum said. Al­though the base­ment has an ex­ter­i­or door, neigh­bors re­por­ted that the oc­cu­pants used to enter and exit by climb­ing through a win­dow. Po­lice aren’t sure how the vic­tim ended up with his much young­er at­tack­ers, but he is a long­time area res­id­ent.

Prop­erty re­cords show that the house last sold for $140,000 in 2009. In­vest­ig­at­ors be­lieve that Camp­bell’s moth­er was at home dur­ing the peri­od when the vic­tim re­mained cap­tive, but she has not been charged crim­in­ally.

Three of the al­leged at­tack­ers have pri­or ar­rests. Camp­bell has mul­tiple re­tail theft cases on his rap sheet, while Ng has one re­tail theft case and Thomas three as­sault cases.

An­im­al con­trol au­thor­it­ies re­moved the in­jured cat from the home and took it to a shel­ter. ••

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