Letters to the Editor: April 9, 2014

Pros­ti­tu­tion is not vic­tim­less

In re­sponse to the read­er who called pros­ti­tu­tion a “vic­tim­less crime,” you are one un­in­formed man. 

On av­er­age, pros­ti­tutes are beaten and raped roughly 12 times per year, ac­cord­ing to the U.S. De­part­ment of Health. They are forced to have un­pro­tec­ted sex with men and beaten when they don’t. Ninety-five per­cent of all pros­ti­tutes were ab­used as young girls, ac­cord­ing to the U.S. Health De­part­ment. 

Do a little re­search be­fore you claim that pros­ti­tu­tion is a “vic­tim­less crime.” And surely you are aware that without your “poor shmoes who are just try­ing to sat­is­fy their needs,” pros­ti­tu­tion wouldn’t ex­ist. 

They are the ones bring­ing the shame and hu­mi­li­ation on their fam­il­ies. They are the ones bring­ing home sexu­ally trans­mit­ted in­fec­tions to their wives and girl­friends. 

In your ef­fort to “in no way pro­mote pros­ti­tu­tion,” you are pro­mot­ing the “poor shmoes” whose activ­ity in so­li­cit­ing pros­ti­tu­tion is also a crime. If your “poor shmoes” thought about something oth­er than sat­is­fy­ing their needs, things would be dif­fer­ent. Print­ing their names on bill­boards all over the city would be a bet­ter de­terrent.

Trish Dunne

Pine Val­ley

Thank you to Sen. Mike Stack

On be­half of our Park­wood neigh­bor­hood and Far North­east Philly, I would like to give a sin­cere thank you to Sen. Mike Stack for his un­end­ing hard work and de­term­in­a­tion to de­vel­op Ben­jamin Rush State Park.   

Over a dec­ade ago, when we real­ized the job to clean up that neg­lected, van­dal­ized piece of land was well bey­ond the scope of a neigh­bor­hood clean-up, we went to him for help.   

He and his staff over­came many state and loc­al obstacles and nev­er gave up. 

Al­though it’s not of­fi­cially open, we would like to thank you for the beau­ti­ful “Ben Rush State Park” with its open land and nat­ur­al trails. Our fam­il­ies will en­joy this park for years to come.   

Thank you, Sen. Mike Stack, for giv­ing us this neigh­bor­hood jew­el.

Mike Hatala

Park­wood Civic As­so­ci­ation

School dis­trict is a mess

Thou­sands of school dis­trict em­ploy­ees were laid off or have re­tired in the last few years. The school dis­trict has threatened to re­duce the pay­ments to re­tir­ing em­ploy­ees for their un­used sick and per­son­al days. These loy­al em­ploy­ees saved the dis­trict money. No sub­sti­tutes were brought in. They didn’t have to pay both (sub­sti­tutes and teach­ers) daily rates.

The dis­trict wants to re­duce em­ploy­ees’ salar­ies, with the high­er per­cent­ages for people earn­ing the most. Usu­ally salar­ies in­crease with longev­ity. 

Now they want to end seni­or­ity, which takes away the rights of work­ers who have worked the longest.

The sale of PGW may have a dev­ast­at­ing ef­fect three years from now. This is after May­or Nut­ter is out of of­fice and City Coun­cil can be re-elec­ted for an­oth­er term. How many jobs will leave the city when the new own­ers try to save money?

After not hav­ing a con­tract for five years, May­or Nut­ter just signed a new one with DC47.

Is it no won­der that when Phil­adelphia stu­dents gradu­ate, they leave the city?

May­er Krain

Mod­ena Park

Sup­port wounded war­ri­ors

While watch­ing a re­cent promo for the “Wounded War­ri­or Pro­ject,” a feel­ing of great shame came over me. Why do these men­tally and phys­ic­ally in­jured young men and wo­men need to beg for help? 

We are fight­ing polit­ic­ally mo­tiv­ated wars that can’t pos­sibly be won and likely will nev­er end. Our elec­ted of­fi­cials should be thor­oughly ashamed for their lack of care for our sol­diers. Why aren’t we tak­ing care of them? Why isn’t there enough money to help them heal, for new pros­thet­ics and for men­tal and phys­ic­al ther­apy? Why should they have to beg?  

We’re asked to sup­port our re­turn­ing ser­vice men and wo­men but the gov­ern­ment is ig­nor­ing them. It’s time to get after our elec­ted rep­res­ent­at­ives to take care of them and not leave them out there to deal with their prob­lems alone. I feel shame. Why don’t they?

Joe Oren­stein


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