Cops announce ATV crackdown

Phil­adelphia po­lice an­nounced on Thursday a new ini­ti­at­ive to con­fis­cate all-ter­rain vehicles, or ATVs, that are be­ing op­er­ated il­leg­ally on streets and pub­lic prop­erty in the city. This in­cludes un­re­gistered mo­tor­bikes.

Un­der the law, ATVs are il­leg­al on city streets and pub­lic prop­erty such as parks. Yet, the vehicles fre­quently are op­er­ated il­leg­ally and in a reck­less man­ner with dis­reg­ard for ped­es­tri­ans and oth­er vehicles, po­lice say. Of­ficers may con­fis­cate ATVs be­ing op­er­ated il­leg­ally, but they must re­main con­scious of the dangers as­so­ci­ated with at­tempt­ing to stop law-break­ing ATV op­er­at­ors. Of­ficers must con­sider the safety of people and prop­erty when de­cid­ing wheth­er to pur­sue mov­ing ATVs. Po­lice ad­vise bystand­ers to stay out of the way for their own safety.

As part of the en­force­ment ini­ti­at­ive, the po­lice de­part­ment will peri­od­ic­ally re­lease run­ning totals of the num­ber of ATVs con­fis­cated by its of­ficers. So far in 2014, there have been 36 con­fis­ca­tions.

Po­lice in­vite the pub­lic to as­sist in the en­force­ment ef­fort. If you see someone rid­ing an ATV in the street, call 911. Wit­nesses should provide de­scrip­tions of the vehicle and its op­er­at­or. An­oth­er way to help po­lice is to re­port where il­leg­al ATV riders park or store their vehicles, par­tic­u­larly if the ATV has been stolen pre­vi­ously. Us­ing this in­form­a­tion, po­lice can be in po­s­i­tion to catch il­leg­al ATV op­er­at­ors without en­dan­ger­ing the pub­lic. Tips can be sub­mit­ted by phone (215-686-TIPS), text (PP­DTIP) or email (tips@Philly­Po­ ••

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