Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2014

Clean­ing up Mod­ena Park

A few weeks ago, I checked for a city cleanup sched­uled for us along Wal­demire Drive and By­berry Creek, but didn’t see one lis­ted.  

I saw how hor­rendously trashy the woods and the road­side looked between Red Li­on Road and Chalf­ont Drive, and plot­ted to tackle it my­self with a couple of bags at a time as I walk along there.  

Today I went out with a bundle of bags, and star­ted from the corner of Red Li­on Road and Wal­demire Drive. As I worked my way to­ward the stop sign at Dorchester Road be­fore filling all my bags this trip, every once in a while I peeked down in the woods. Each time I was more and more sur­prised by how clean it looked.  

The woods look beau­ti­ful. I know in de­tail what an enorm­ous clean-up job was wait­ing there. I am so, so grate­ful to the crowd of won­der­ful neigh­bors who must have done all that work. 

I just joined a web­site group called Next­door (see: next­door.com). It would be a great place to an­nounce a Mod­ena Park clean up. 

Rita Var­ley

Mod­ena Park

No to Mar­jor­ie Mar­gol­ies

How short our memor­ies are. 

We en­ter­tain the pos­sib­il­ity of re-elect­ing Ms. Mar­gol­ies when she showed her­self to be one who works against the tax­pay­ers and those who elec­ted her.  

Re­mem­ber it was she who cast the de­cid­ing vote to raise taxes in 1993, thus sad­dling us with new bur­dens, the most in­si­di­ous of which is the tax­a­tion of So­cial Se­cur­ity be­ne­fits.  

These days, when seni­ors are forced to con­tin­ue work­ing be­cause of Obama’s paltry be­ne­fit in­creases, we see those same seni­ors’ So­cial Se­cur­ity earn­ings be­ing taxed at 20 and 25 per­cent.  

We need to thank Ms. Mar­gol­ies for her pri­or ser­vice and leave her in re­tire­ment.  I’m sure she’s not pay­ing taxes on her pen­sion for her two use­less years in Wash­ing­ton.

Charles C. Kal­ata


He’s against the PGW sale

Any­one con­cerned about the fin­an­cial fu­ture of our city should be against the sale of PGW. It is a mis­take on many levels. 

Gas bills will even­tu­ally rise. Cus­tom­er ser­vice will de­cline. Gas ap­pli­ance re­pair will dis­ap­pear. Gas leak in­vest­ig­a­tion will be lim­ited to the re­quired min­im­um. Pipeline safety will be com­prom­ised. The low-in­come and eld­erly ig­nored when pos­sible. De­cent jobs lost and our abil­ity as res­id­ents to have a voice in the op­er­a­tion of the gas util­ity will end. 

Selling a util­ity with in­come po­ten­tial as prom­ising as PGW is the biggest mis­take — in­come that should be­ne­fit the people of Phil­adelphia, not share­hold­ers. PGW’s li­quified nat­ur­al gas cap­ab­il­it­ies alone jus­ti­fy our con­tin­ued own­er­ship. 

Selling in­come-pro­du­cing as­sets is fool­ish and lacks foresight. To build a more vi­able city we need to pro­tect and de­vel­op as­sets, not sell them off to the highest bid­der.

Joseph A. Sabato


ACCT Philly needs sup­port

ACCT Philly (An­im­al Care and Con­trol Team of Phil­adelphia) is the highest an­im­al in­take of loc­al shel­ters in the city. This means that not every an­im­al can be placed in­to lov­ing homes. So many happy and healthy pets are put at risk of eu­thanas­ia when space and re­sources run dan­ger­ously low.

ACCT Philly can truly use our sup­port. Please ad­opt and foster. If you can­not ac­cept an an­im­al in­to your home, ac­cept them in­to your heart. Donate. Vo­lun­teer. Spend just a few mo­ments with the sweet dogs and cats at ACCT Philly, and let them know that though their pre­vi­ous own­ers have for­saken them, that you re­mem­ber… they’re still alive. For in­form­a­tion, vis­it You­Tube.com and search “ACCT Philly An­im­al Shel­ter: They’re Still Alive.” They won’t make it without us.

Gina De­N­ofa


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