Archbishop Ryan mathletes win title

The Arch­bish­op Ry­an High School Varsity Math­letes won the Arch­dioces­an Math­lete cham­pi­on­ship for the 20th time in 22 years. 

The team was led by co-cap­tains Mat­thew Brady, Craig Carr and Sarah Mur­ray.

Among the com­pet­it­ors were Devon Prep, Bish­op Sha­na­han, Mal­vern Prep, Holy Ghost Prep and La Salle.

The Ry­an A team was com­posed of Mat­thew Brady, Craig Carr, Jef­frey Durelli, Frank Fang and Tarmily Wen.

The B team mem­bers were Chris­toph­er De­Pas­cale, Wanlu Ji­ang, Sarah Mur­ray, Melissa Sch­weizer and Chun Shen.

Mat­thew Brady, Craig Carr, Chris­toph­er De­Pas­cale and Wanlu Ji­ang were the only  com­pet­it­ors in the cham­pi­on­ship who earned per­fect scores. ••

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