Psychic headed to the Keswick Theatre

James Van Praagh

When he was just a little boy, he already was see­ing dead people.

“When I was just a kid grow­ing up in Queens, New York, I used to see spir­its all the time. I would see lights around people, which was their aura. I thought it was a nor­mal and nat­ur­al thing to do, but the oth­er kids made fun of me. So my moth­er would tell me to keep it to my­self,” said James Van Praagh, well-known psych­ic and me­di­um and best-selling au­thor who will be com­ing to the Keswick Theatre in Glen­side on Tues­day, April 8.

Praagh de­cided to do just that. He went to school to pur­sue an in­terest in writ­ing, gradu­at­ing from San Fran­cisco State with a de­gree in broad­cast­ing. 

Later, still in his early 20s, he moved to Los Angeles with a prom­ise of a writ­ing job that, he was later told, fell through. 

With little money, Praagh took a tem­por­ary job when he met a wo­man who was in­stru­ment­al in even­tu­ally chan­ging his life.

“One day, she asked me if I wanted to go see a me­di­um. I told her I didn’t be­lieve in that sort of thing, but to make her feel bet­ter I de­cided to go with her,” he re­called. “And as soon as I walked through the door, this man told me I was a psych­ic, a me­di­um. He said that in two years time, they’re go­ing to give you a mes­sage and help you com­mu­nic­ate.”

So im­pressed with the pre­dic­tion, Van Praagh began to read all the books he could on the sub­ject. He also star­ted med­it­at­ing, and with­in two weeks time, he star­ted see­ing lights around people, just as he had when he was a child.

Some time later, se­cur­ing a job at Para­mount Stu­di­os, he began giv­ing paid read­ings, and was so suc­cess­ful that he later pub­lished two best-selling books, Talk­ing to Heav­en and Reach­ing to Heav­en.

The pop­ular­ity of his books, com­bined with his celebrity cli­en­tele and TV ap­pear­ances, made Van Praagh some­what of a celebrity him­self.

Today, he ap­pears all over the globe, and be­fore each show, Van Praagh said, he pre­pares him­self.

“Be­fore each show, I med­it­ate and say a little pray­er. Then, I’m be­ing used by the spir­it world, so I’ll just stand there un­til someone comes through me. Really, my job is as a teach­er. I want to open the audi­ence up to this ex­per­i­ence. Spir­its are around us every day, so I just help people be­come aware of them.”

He said he’s able to re­ceive mes­sages just like a ra­dio, and fur­ther defines his gifts.

“A me­di­um is someone who’s able to con­tact someone who’s passed over,” he said. “Every me­di­um is a psych­ic, but not every psych­ic is a me­di­um. You have to be very sens­it­ive, very in­tu­it­ive. My spe­cialty is not telling the fu­ture, but speak­ing with spir­its.”

But the best part of these last 30-plus years for Van Praagh has been help­ing to heal people and giv­ing them their life back.

He said, “We all have some un­fin­ished busi­ness. Re­grets. For­give­ness that needs to be taken care of. So why wait un­til you pass over? Why not live life as if today were your last today. Tell the people around you how much you love them.”

However, it’s nev­er too late.

“Death,” he said, “is an il­lu­sion. Your loved ones are al­ways around you. The soul can­not die. The soul is etern­al.” ••

The show will start at 8 p.m. Tick­ets cost $29, $39 and $59. Call 215-572-7650. 

You can reach at .

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