Letters to the Editor: April 2, 2014

What happened to Mar­jor­ie?

In a re­cent column of Cam­paign Chat­ter by Tom War­ing, Mar­jor­ie Mar­gol­ies’ seni­or con­sult­ant said his can­did­ate would not de­bate Re­pub­lic­an and Demo­crat can­did­ates at the Con­greg­a­tions of Shaare Shamay­im.

To clear the re­cord, I was the cre­at­or and host of the for­um on Sunday, March 30, which was at­ten­ded by five con­gres­sion­al can­did­ates. At no time was this event planned as a de­bate.

I spoke to Ms. Mar­gol­ies’ rep­res­ent­at­ive be­gin­ning in Janu­ary. Dylan Mc­Garry nev­er ex­pressed a con­cern over the format. He stated that the can­did­ate could not make a Feb. 16 date and that they were very busy in March.

I met Ms. Mar­gol­ies last fall. She is in­tel­li­gent, per­son­able and ar­tic­u­late. But, so are the res­id­ents of North­east Phil­adelphia and East­ern Montco. We are en­titled to meet every can­did­ate that seeks our sup­port and ul­ti­mately our votes.

So, join the crowd, Ms. Mar­gol­ies. You may find out you like it, and the audi­ence won’t bite!

Myles Gor­don


In re­sponse to Obama car­toon

I read daily cri­ti­cisms of Pres­id­ent Barack Obama’s hand­ling of the crisis in Crimea by people such as Mitt Rom­ney  and John Mc­Cain. 

It is easy to say that an ac­tion or in­ac­tion is wrong. What is miss­ing is their opin­ion as to what ac­tion should be taken at this point or should have been taken or what they would do dif­fer­ently had they been elec­ted pres­id­ent. 

Stig­lich in his car­toon cites the 1962 JFK speech in which he de­clared, “Ich bin ein Ber­liner” and Re­agan’s 1987 com­ment, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” — neither of which was of any ac­tu­al con­sequence in the 1991 de­mise of the So­viet Uni­on. 

Stig­lich then hu­mor­ously puts the words ”Yoo Hooo” in Obama’s mouth as Obama calls on the world for sanc­tions against Rus­sia. 

Obama may be wrong, but at least he is try­ing to re­spond to the in­va­sion of part of a coun­try that leans to­ward the west as an ally rather than simply mouth­ing empty words. 

Mel Flit­ter


Frank­lin Mills is a mess

Hey Frank­lin Mills mall,

Not only did you come in­to our neigh­bor­hood in 1989 and ba­sic­ally help des­troy it, you can’t even run a nice or safe mall. Your park­ing lots are dan­ger­ous and a dis­grace. 

Don’t use the bad winter as an ex­cuse for all the potholes, be­cause it’s been like this for years. Do you think it’s safe to drive on the back road to get to the post of­fice? How about the en­trance by the Dol­lar Tree and Path­mark? I don’t think Ne­sham­iny or Ox­ford Val­ley Mall would ever have a mall like yours. They could not get away with it. You ruined our neigh­bor­hood.

Bri­an McGee­han

Far North­east 

A big thank you to Vo­gt

Thank you to all the coaches for shar­ing their time. Coach­ing is a hard job and the play­ers need you, the par­ents need you. There wouldn’t be a bas­ket­ball sea­son without you. 

Thank you to the em­ploy­ees and vo­lun­teers who made this sea­son a great one. This winter was a tough one and you made sure the gym was open and the sea­son went on. 

Thank you to the par­ents who came out and cheered the play­ers on. They need your sup­port at all ages and stages of the game. 

We are so proud of our team mem­bers and hope you re­turn for next year’s bas­ket­ball sea­son.

Shan­non Weisler and Arnold Kirby


Why pub­lish names of johns?

I would like to per­son­ally con­grat­u­late the of­ficers of the City­wide Vice Unit for ru­in­ing the lives of the four men they ar­res­ted for so­li­cit­a­tion in the Kens­ing­ton area. How does re­leas­ing their names aid in rid­ding the area of pros­ti­tu­tion, an es­sen­tially vic­tim­less crime? Why aren’t they ar­rest­ing the pros­ti­tutes, the ac­tu­al crim­in­als here?  Be­cause pub­lish­ing their names has no shock ef­fect. 

The fam­il­ies of these men will have to suf­fer the dis­grace and hu­mi­li­ation of their acts. Is that fair? 

I, in no way. am pro­mot­ing pros­ti­tu­tion which is and should be a crime. But let us pun­ish the guilty, not the poor shmoes who are just try­ing to sat­is­fy their needs.

Joe Oren­stein


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