Detectives link Lawndale man to 19 residential break-ins

Richard Bond­ar­en­ko

For a while, at least, Richard Bond­ar­en­ko al­legedly made out like a ban­dit. But in the end, Phil­adelphia po­lice hit the jack­pot.

After ar­rest­ing Bond­ar­en­ko on March 20 and char­ging him with the March 8 burg­lary of a home on the 11000 block of Audu­bon Ave. in Somer­ton, de­tect­ives were able to link the 20-year-old Lawndale man to 18 ad­di­tion­al res­id­en­tial break-ins, all in the 7th Po­lice Dis­trict. The crimes al­legedly net­ted Bond­ar­en­ko al­most $75,000 in stolen cash and pos­ses­sions, while caus­ing thou­sands of dol­lars of dam­age to the tar­geted prop­er­ties.

Po­lice did not dis­close how they ini­tially iden­ti­fied Bond­ar­en­ko as the prime sus­pect in the March 8 break-in or what led them to ac­cuse him in the oth­er crimes, which oc­curred between Feb. 7 and March 15. 

But de­tect­ives make Bond­ar­en­ko out to be a one-man crime spree.

The city blocks and dates of the burg­lar­ies in­clude 10000 Jeanes St. on Feb. 7 and March 4, 400 Rennard St. on Feb. 9 (two cases), 500 Avon St. on Feb. 10 and March 12, 13000 Wor­thing­ton Road on Feb. 20 or 21, 10000 Selmer Ter­race on Feb. 21, 10000 Depue Ave. on Feb. 21, 500 Bur­gess St. on Feb. 27, 1000 Lark­spur St. on Feb. 28, 10000 Ver­ree Road on March 1, 800 Lawl­er St. between March 1 and 4, 9700 Glen­hope St. on March 2, 11000 Ferndale St. on March 4, 300 Smith­field St. on March 5, 11000 Audu­bon Ave. on March 8, 800 Selmer Road on March 14 and 12000 Depue Ave. on March 15.

In five of the cases, Bond­ar­en­ko al­legedly failed to gain ac­cess to the homes or left empty-handed. In oth­ers, he stole as little as $40 cash and as much as $23,810 in cash and pos­ses­sions. The burg­lar mostly tar­geted jew­elry, TVs, port­able elec­tron­ic devices and cash. Vic­tims were at home in a couple of the in­cid­ents and en­countered the in­truder, but no in­jur­ies were re­por­ted.

Typ­ic­ally, the 7th dis­trict has between 15 and 25 con­firmed burg­lar­ies in any giv­en two-week peri­od, so po­lice hope that Bond­ar­en­ko’s ar­rest makes a sig­ni­fic­ant im­pact in the dis­trict’s crime rate. ••

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